As we all know, test pump plays an important role in daily production and life, so the pressure test pump market users much attention. However, many test pump users due to improper use, it often affect the efficiency of the test pump, what is more, it will affect the life of the test pump. Then te

Wireless fidelity (foreign language abbreviation: WIFI, foreign language full name: WILREless FIdelity), is the most widely used wireless network transmission technology. Actually, it converts wired network signals into wireless signals, which are used by related computers, mobile phones, and PDAs

Yao Dakun\ Qudazhuang 2(1. Harbin Institute of Electric Machinery, Harbin 150040, China; 2 Harbin Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Harbin 150040, China) Abstract*: Introduces the stator modal and vibration performance of 600MW turbogenerator manufactured by Harbin Electric Power. Experimental Research.

Abstract The growth rate of main business income turned positive. From January to December 2015, the national hardware industry's accumulated main business income increased by 5.78% year-on-year, and the growth rate continued to decline, down 0.48 percentage points from November. In 2015,

Ground Source Heat Pumps can now provide us with many benefits, winter heating, air conditioning and cooling in the summer, but also to provide annual domestic water, is a very good technology. Today to say ground source heat pump installation steps. Ground source heat pump ground source heat pump

First, the environmental requirements 1) Keep the die casting machine and its surrounding environment clean. For magnesium alloy die-casting, special attention should be paid to smoking and drinking water at the work site. 2) The space around the die-casting machine is unblo

Abstract In 2015, the world economy continued to undergo a period of deep transformation and adjustment. The demand for major mineral products was weak, and it oscillated with the financial market, causing the “mine price” to fall back smoothly and the mining situation to continue