The knowledge of automobile tires popularizes the journey of winter tires and explosion-proof tires. It begins with a single step. The appearance of automobiles accelerates the pace of human life, and it also brings certain dangers to people. In fact, most traffic accidents are caused by tire pres

Formerly known as: electronic lock Nickname: intelligent locks, smart locks Nickname: housekeeping artifact, housekeeping artifact Applicable people: all ages The main treatment: home security, forget key syndrome, wife travel do not want to go home syndrome, children go home late night syndrom

Maintenance of rattan furniture 1. In addition to hand-crafted fine craftsmanship and novel and beautiful appearance, the main thing is to examine whether the rattan chair material is excellent. If the surface of the rattan material is wrinkled, the furniture is made of young rattan, which has poo

Preparation of the gear oil pump before use: The gear oil pump must check the pump and motor before starting. For example, whether there is jamming and inflexibility, whether the packing is tight, whether the connection of each component is firm and reliable, and whether the lubricating oil (fat)

Overcurrent is mainly used to protect the inverter, while overload is mainly used to protect the motor. Because the capacity of the inverter sometimes needs to increase one or two gears compared to the capacity of the motor. In this case, the inverter will not necessarily over-current when the mo

1. SKF bearing chemical heat treatment to strengthen the use of solid diffusion infiltration of an element to change the chemical composition of the metal surface layer to achieve surface hardening method called chemical heat treatment, also known as diffusion heat treatment. (Note: Boronizing, infi

Researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have designed and built a circuit board that can achieve speeds up to 245 THz. This speed is tens of thousands faster than that of modern microprocessors. The research results will promote the design of new circuits. Whe