On July 13, the third store of Meikemeijia Wuhan, Wuchang Store, officially opened, which is the 54th store in the national market of Meikemeijia. The opening of Wuchang Store is located in Fuxing International City, next to Wuhan Avenue. The new store has a business area of â

Da Vinci Home Shanghai Yan'an West Road Store Recently, CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" has exposed Da Vinci's home, and its hundreds of thousands of imported luxury furniture is actually a national product with quality problems. After several days in the m

Recently, a number of domestic media released news, saying that 19 home stores including Red Star Macalline and Real Home “signed the name of the vote” and “jointly boycotted the double eleven O2O plan (ie offline experience, online order) "At the same ti

In the process of buying and selling furniture, the “one-paper contract” is the only guarantee for both buyers and sellers. Whether it is domestic furniture or imported furniture, the timely replenishment and upgrade of the contract is not only a deeper protection a

The internationally renowned furniture (Dongguan) exhibition, known as the “Important Engine of Houjie Economy”, kicked off today (September 5). The exhibition is the fourth largest furniture exhibition in the world. The exhibition is the 26th, with an exhibition ar

Fabric sofas, using soft fabrics and rich colors to give the sofa a free and changeable expression, or natural warmth, or elegant retro, or simple and generous, or noble and gorgeous, unique personality, but also make the sofa more affinity. When we enjoy the comfort provided b

Only if the bed is made of solid wood, it is called "solid wood". Solid wood furniture means that all materials are natural wood that has not been reprocessed, and no artificial board is used. Is there really so much solid wood furniture on the market? Are the furnitu