Technology dynamics Unless you always wear a mask with you, it is almost impossible to completely avoid the lens and face recognition technology of others. This not only involves privacy issues, it also puts potential pressure on companies that provide customers with personal data protection

German company Ewe Gasspeicher GmbH has announced plans to build the world's largest battery. The system known as "Brine 4" will be placed in a huge underground salt cave that was previously used as a natural gas storage facility. Each battery has a volume of 3.5 m

As we all know, the bathroom is a place with heavy wetness and poor ventilation. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful when selecting the appliances in the area. For example, the bathroom door is completely different from the ordinary bedroom door. Therefore, the selection should be based

The smart home market continues to expand. As the basic product of smart homes, smart locks have lived up to expectations, and the release rate of new products has continued to increase. Market expectations have remained high. Of course, smart locks, as a new sunrise industry, inevitably have some

Oil pump motor manufacturers tell you that there are two types: 1 transmitting power and friction transmission by the friction between the parts; 2 An intermeshing transmission that transmits power or motion by engagement of the active member with the driven member or by engagement of the interm

The villa is a relatively high-end type of residence, it always gives people a sense of tall. To decorate a villa is not a simple matter. We must not only rationally plan its interior space, but also must make a holistic thinking and design of the combination of indoor and outdoor environments so

Researchers at Russia’s Plekhanov University of Economics have created biodegradable compounds based on polyethylene and various plant fillers. New technologies help create new organic packaging materials, and the results are published in the journal P