Animal-derived pesticides refer to pesticides developed from animal resources; the use of animal living organisms and their products to control agricultural pests is a biological control in the traditional sense; in a broad sense, it is called animal-derived pesticides. Today

Yellow flammable flammable liquid storage cabinets are used to store flammable liquids such as acetone, fuel (natural gas, diesel, jet fuel), and gasoline. Red flammable liquid storage cabinets store flammable liquids such as aerosols, inks, and paints. Blue explosion-proof cabinets are used to st

Tiles are the top three items in the decoration building materials, and its quality is more difficult to judge. How can you see through the inferior tiles at a glance? The first step: pouring water The water absorption rate reflects the density of the tile, and indirectly reflects the hardne

The GPS positioning module we often refer to is called the user part. It receives and demodulates satellite broadcast C/A code signals like “radio”, with a frequency of 1575.42 MHz. The GPS module does not broadcast signals and is a passive location. By calculating the pseudo-distance w

At present, China has become the largest and fastest growing market for wind power in the world. According to the statistics of the Global Wind Energy Council, the annual compound growth rate of global wind power installed capacity from 2001 to 2013 was 24.08%, while the cumulative annual growth r

There are many kinds of hardware lock materials on the market, the processing technology is diverse, and the specifications are not the same. Then how to choose the hardware lock on the door, Xiaobian compiled some hardware manuals, and detailed instructions on how to choose hardware locks. A loo

Comet colloid mill is made up of adjustment assembly, special motor for colloid mill, colloid mill main body, colloid grinding head, colloid mill water retaining disc, colloid mill bracket, colloidal abrasive hopper, colloid mill circulation device, colloid mill protection device, housing ( Pump b