Thermal spraying refers to a series of processes in which finely dispersed metal or non-metallic coating materials are deposited in a molten or semi-molten state onto a surface of a prepared substrate to form a spray coating. Layer. It is using some kind of heat source. Definition Thermal sprayin

In order to overcome the defects of surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy, expand the application range and prolong the service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part of the use of aluminum alloy, and anodizing technology is the most widely used and mo

The bathtub is a kind of shower ware which is common in the modern bathroom space. The bathtub can bring the same feeling of comfort as the hot spring bath in the bathing process. It is generally suitable for the bathroom with large sanitary space and obvious wet and dry parti

Background Furan resin self-hardening sand is very hard and easy to control, and the dimensional accuracy of castings is high. Therefore, the self-hardening resin sand process has been used to cast various metal castings, such as machine tools for machining and gas turbines for shipbuilding. Cast

The various "materials" of the material door in the market compare stainless steel doors, and the use of colored stainless steel doors is becoming wider and wider. Consumers are also getting more and more headaches for the cleaning of colored stainless steel doors. So how do you clea

The University of New South Wales, Australia, released a report a few days ago that researchers at the university have invented a new type of electrode that can electrolyze water at a low cost and with high efficiency. It is expected to be used for the large-scale production of

Roof greening must have a lot of advantages in roof greening, not only can improve the indoor temperature of the roof house, improve the roof insulation effect, protect the building from high temperature, ultraviolet rays and other damage, help to extend its life, and also purify the air, adjust U