1. The protective clothing must be inspected and pressure tested to determine that there are no defects, and that protective clothing must be selected according to its purpose. 2. However, if necessary, anti-fogging agents should be applied to the protective glasses inside the protective clothing

The fire extinguisher is a portable device that ejects the fire extinguishing agent filled by the cylinder and the nozzle of the nozzle by means of internal pressure. Fire extinguisher has the characteristics of simple structure, light and flexible, easy operation and wide use. It is one of the mos

(1) Thermocouple thermometer 1. Principle and structure of thermocouple thermometer A thermocouple thermometer is a measuring temperature meter that uses the principle of two different metal conductor contacts to generate a thermoelectric potential after being heated. It is

With the development of the Chinese paint industry, paint profits have begun to decline. Faced with a slight profit margin, marking the paint industry is or has been bid farewell to the era of high profits. "Almost no profit" It is an indisputable fact that the profits of paint

The role of laser marking machine chiller http:// Now the factory laser marking machine is equipped with a special cold water system, but some users ignore the role of the cold water system in the process of use, resulting in the failure of the laser marking machine. In fact, this kind of failure

CNC wire-cutting machine tools are processed by the principle of high-energy-density spark discharge ablation. It belongs to the special processing category, and it can only process conductive materials. The process of EDM CNC wire cutting processing mainly includes the follow

3D printing of complete human organs is a scientist's goal for a long time. Recently, German scientists have taken a big step toward this goal. They have developed “ink” that can print human tissues in 3D. The German Fraunhofer Institute for Interface Engineering