Abstract The pace of railway planning and construction cannot be stopped. According to local media reports from Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, the feasibility study report of the newly-built Harbin-Mudanjiang Passenger Project (hereinafter referred to as Harbin) was officially approv

Whether it is industry competition or brand competition, there is a fundamental point, that is, product competition. Without a strong product quality, you can't achieve a great brand. Therefore, we have been paying attention to advanced equipment, advanced technology, prod

In the past two years, various types of afternoon support centres in the Xingbin District of Laibin City have mushroomed around the campuses of various elementary schools. These lunch centres are concentrated in residents' houses, communities, and facades. They serve as “service

Recently, a company called Graphene 3D Lab released a video demonstrating their use of 3D printed batteries made of graphene materials. This battery can be made into any shape you want, and the power provided is equivalent to a AA battery. Graphene 3D Lab is a company founded b

On October 21, 2014, Tianjin Petrochemical's “Million-ton ethylene engineering cracking gas compressor unit” and “large-scale four-row labyrinth compressor unit localization” project passed the appraisal of Sinopec Group Company Expert Group. So far

Most companies are now feeling the oversupply of products, and the backlog of warehouses cannot be sold. This is not only a matter of sales, but also a cost issue, labor costs, raw material costs, etc. But in fact, this is all about considering external factors and not reflect

The 0.sk was put into operation from the flywheel system in July 1998. It has been running for more than n00h, and has experienced 1% start/stop cycles. The magnetic bearing running time exceeds 360Oh, and it has experienced 2 spells during the 18-month test. The temperature cycle detects the possi