With the rapid development of the real estate industry, the use of anti-static raised floor in the computer room has gradually entered, and the anti-static raised floor has played an important role in the construction of the computer room. At present, there are a large variety of anti-static raise

The skeleton oil seal should be made by the professional master. The excellent performance always appears in many different scenes and is a very stable fastener. The knowledge of the use of the skeleton oil seal needs to be understood by the purchaser, and the knowledge of the fastener will be well

During the renovation, Miss Lin chose to install the whole cabinet in the kitchen. The manufacturer then sent people to the door to measure the size and reserved the location where the range hood was installed. However, Miss Lin failed to determine the brand of the range hood, so the range hoo

For the salary layer, if you can't buy a large apartment, it is good to buy a small duplex. With the appearance of the small duplex design, it has been loved by many people. Small duplex design and decoration is given great importance to everyone concerned about the points, then

The decoration and environmental protection are getting more and more attention from everyone. If there is air pollution inside the newly renovated room, what should I do? In fact, the new decoration of the family will inevitably come into contact with various chemical materials and

The colorful leaves are tapped by the science "magic wand" and turn into a positive capacitor. The reporter learned from Nankai University on the 5th that Professor Zhou Zhen of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of the school used the

Safety shoes CE certification According to European regulations, employers must provide employees with safety protection to ensure that employees work in a safe environment. Safety shoes are an important part of this. The CE mark is not a sign of quality assurance. Safety shoes marked with the CE