Recently, a number of domestic media released news, saying that 19 home s

In the process of buying and selling furniture, the “one-paper cont

The internationally renowned furniture (Dongguan) exhibition, known as th

Fabric sofas, using soft fabrics and rich colors to give the sofa a free

Only if the bed is made of solid wood, it is called "solid wood"

A small label hanging on the product can clearly tell consumers the p

On December 14th, nearly 100 pieces of paper furniture were displayed in

[Background]: On July 3, 2014, the fifteenth Chengdu International Fu

Among the furniture products in our province, the quality problems of

I bought a new piece of furniture, what about the old one? I want to lose

Solid wood furniture itself has the advantages of thick and solid, ex

On December 7, 2009, according to the CHEMICAL WATCH website, the Europea

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