80 small apartment decoration case to create 80 square meters of warm and romantic house

No matter which style you choose to decorate, which style of home, the most important thing is to look at your comfort, live in warmth, and create a sense of home for busy white-collar workers. 80 square meters of the house area is not large, the decoration can also be called a small apartment decoration. Today, Xiao Bian wants to tell you about 80 small apartment renovation cases. Interested friends come and see it!

80 small apartment renovation of the living room

In this renovation case, the Nordic minimalist style is exhibited, and the use of white increases the visual effect of the space, making it look bright and clean. This is the living room part of the house. The furniture is relatively simple but it is very hard. A small horse makes people feel the joy of their children. Because there are children at home, the floor has chosen a floor decoration, and carpets are laid on the side of the sofa. The warmth and comfort avoid the possibility of bruising.

80 small apartment decoration case entrance

The entrance is relatively narrow, in order to distinguish the designer of the functional area from putting the shoes down, and replace the wooden floor with black floor tiles. Because there are babies in the home, the hooks on the walls are also designed according to the height of the child.

80 small apartment renovation children's room

The children's room in this 80-square-meter renovation case has two main colors: white and green. White is in harmony with the entire home decoration, and at the same time embodies the children's innocence and happiness, while the green tables and chairs show a unique natural style and make people feel the vitality of their children. Various small toys on the ground did not make the room appear cluttered, because they are actually placed very regularly.

80 small apartment renovation of the master bedroom

The master bedroom is small, but it gives a very comfortable feeling. The large windows ensure good lighting and ventilation, and the vibrant green pots on the windowsill make the room more vital. There are not many decorative items on the bedroom wall but they will be there. Three photos made people feel the joy of a family, and the decorative paintings on the bedside echoed the decorative paintings of the children's room. The “integrity” was reflected everywhere, which was the most successful place for this decoration case.

80 small apartment renovation kitchen

Due to the spatial relationship, the kitchen stoves are relatively small, but they do not affect the use of them, achieving the effect of “small and complete”. For ease of handling, the walls of the kitchen are tiled, beautiful and practical.

80 small apartment renovation of the bathroom

The walls of the bathroom are affixed with the same size tiles as the kitchen, but the ground is black and white, simple and stylish, good lighting increases the comfort of the bathroom.

The above is a case of 80 square meters of small apartment decoration for everyone, I hope to help you. For more information about the decoration of the small apartment, please continue to pay attention to this site information.

Small apartment decoration picture small apartment interior decoration design small apartment decoration example

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