Stair size specification stair step size specification

Stairs are the necessary areas for building houses and villas in rural areas. However, many stair treads are not designed in the same size. There are no uniform dimensions for stair treads. The stair tread size has a great influence on the indoor stairways. The unreasonable design is also very inconvenient in the use process. The following Xiaobian will tell you the size of the stairs .

Stair step size specification

The size of the step should generally be commensurate with the size of the person's foot, but also related to the use of features in different types of buildings. Step size includes height and width. The ratio of step height to width is the gradient of the stairs. Stepping under the same slope can have different values ​​and give a proper range to make people feel comfortable when walking.

Practice has shown that walking in a comfortable step is generally smaller in height and wider in width. Therefore, when choosing the aspect ratio, it is better to use the smaller height for the two dimensions of the same slope, because it is more labor-saving to walk than when the height and width are large. However, it should be noted that the width should not be too small, preferably not less than 240mm. This will ensure that the focus of the foot will fall close to the center of the foot and 90% of the heel strike force will be on the way. For adults, the minimum width of stairs should be 240mm, and the comfortable width should be about 280-300mm.

Staircase National Standard Step Size

The step height of the public staircase is 160-170mm. The common cement base stairs in the home are based on this standard, and the comfortable height is about 160mm. According to the current domestic market for the sale of finished stairs, the height is generally 170-210MM, about 180MM is the most economical choice; the steps of the same staircase, its step height, width size should be the same There should be no irregular changes in dimensions to ensure a constant relationship between slope and stride.

Ladder width

The width of the bench is generally determined by the flow of people, so as to ensure smooth traffic. Single person access to the general width of the bench should be 800-900mm, the general finished staircase should be designed according to this width; but stairs for public places, such as: the width of the general access ladder should be generally 1100mm - 1400mm; The general ladder width should be 1650-2100. If more people circulate, increase the width by 550 + (0-150) mm per person.

The slope of the stairs

The determination of the slope of the stairs should take into account the factors of walking comfort, climbing efficiency and spatial status.

The line at each step of the bench at each step is called the slope line. The angle between the slope line and the horizontal plane is the gradient of the stairs (the tangent of this angle is called the gradient of the stairs). The slope of the indoor stairs is generally 20 degrees - 45 degrees, the best slope is about 30 degrees. Stairs for special functions require different slopes. For example, the slope of the ladder is above 60 degrees, the special stairs are generally taken from 45 degrees to 60 degrees, the slopes of the indoor and outdoor steps are from 14 degrees to 27 degrees, and the gradient of the slope is usually below 15 degrees. Generally speaking, in places with large crowds, high safety standards, or ample areas, the slope should be gentle. For an auxiliary staircase that is only used by a few people or is not frequently used, the slope can be steeper, but it is better not to exceed 38. Degrees, in addition to personalized stairs or because of the space to choose to spiral stairs.

The above is an introduction to the relevant contents of the stair dimensions. I hope to help you. For more information on stair dimensions, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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