The appearance of the all-plastic bicycle is earlier than expected

[Jizhi Plastics News] The American Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) has teamed up with the JEC Group to organize the world's first international conference focused on bicycle composite technology - Cyclitech 2015. JEC Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to advanced composite materials. The conference will examine the use of composite materials in bicycle design, including safety and performance aspects, as well as innovative composite applications for high-end bicycles. 40 guests from Europe, Asia and the Americas will deliver speeches, including experts from the International Cycling Union. In addition, a round table forum will be held at the meeting.

The appearance of the all-plastic bicycle is earlier than expected
SPE CEO Willem DeVos said, “All plastic bicycles will appear earlier than we expected. The market for non-metallic bicycle frames and components is constantly evolving. The successful application of composite materials on professional bicycles or racing cars will be mass production in the near future. Lead the way."
Frederique Mutel, chairman and CEO of JEC Group, pointed out that cycling has become more and more popular. Recent reports predict that the bicycle market will increase to $65 billion by 2019, which is the first time we have held a full conference on a niche market like bicycles.

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