Ground source heat pump installation steps have?

Ground Source Heat Pumps can now provide us with many benefits, winter heating, air conditioning and cooling in the summer, but also to provide annual domestic water, is a very good technology. Today to say ground source heat pump installation steps. Ground source heat pump ground source heat pump installation must be drilling before construction should know the buried pipelines underground pipelines existing underground structures and their exact location, each vertical hole drilling should be manually excavation pit exploration Pit diameter of not less than 300mm, the depth of not less than 1.2m; drilling to ensure the vertical drill pipe to ensure that each vertical hole parallel to prevent puncture. Ground source heat pump installation pipe must be laid down before the pipe must be tested on all the pipe pressure, not less than 0.6MPa, the regulator for 15 minutes, the pressure does not drop, impermeable leakage, that qualified; under the pipe backfill should promptly PE Tube pressure test, qualified before the next hole for drilling. The horizontal buried pipe may not be provided with a slope. The top of the uppermost buried pipe should be 0.4m below the permafrost layer and not less than 0.8m from the ground, and the distance between the water supply and return loop header is not less than 0.6m. Ground source heat pump installed to backfill the vertical hole grouting material should be mixed with bentonite and spun yarn or special materials, mud can also be used during drilling mud sediment to ensure that the drilling grout dense, no cavity. Otherwise it will reduce the heat transfer effect, affecting the quality of the project; horizontal connection pipe backfill should be small, loose, uniform and free of stones and clods, backfill compaction process should be uniform, and not to pipeline overhead; external pipelines and room equipment Connecting, outside the pipe into the engine room should be set through the wall casing and casing out of the outer wall of not less than 50mm, casing and external walls, casing and pipelines should be made between the waterproof, and then backfill the outside. Ground source heat pump construction last step is to connect the room and the end, usually in the basement, will not take up too much space, will not affect the decoration and use. Ground source heat pump construction is a more professional work, the user in the specific installation operation, be sure to ask professional staff to do this work, beware of improper construction, affecting the latter part of the use. Further Reading: pump valve pipe fittings Exhibition 2016 Exhibition of Information Industry, Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Asian pumps Network Editor: Yao Xiaoxia (QQ / micro letter:) (Hotline :)

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