Test pump how to use? Test pressure pump use Raiders

As we all know, test pump plays an important role in daily production and life, so the pressure test pump market users much attention. However, many test pump users due to improper use, it often affect the efficiency of the test pump, what is more, it will affect the life of the test pump. Then test pump users in the process of using what should pay attention to what? This small series on your interpretation of test pump use maintenance strategy. Test pump use and maintenance methods 1. Test pump should be carefully examined before the start of each component connections are tightened, the pressure gauge is normal, the inlet and outlet pipes are installed, the pump working medium is 5 ~ 50 ° C water, emulsion or Kinematic viscosity 2. To improve the efficiency of pressure test, the first container or equipment to be tested first filled with water, then test the pump outlet pipe. 3. In the process of pressure test, if found in the water there is a lot of air can turn on the open valve, the air let go. 4. In the process of pressure test found any subtle water-mixing phenomenon, should immediately stop working for inspection and repair, strictly in the case of water is not to continue to increase pressure. 5. After the pressure test is completed, first release the water valve, the pressure drop, so as to avoid pressure gauge damage. 6. When the test pump is not used, should drain the pump water, sucked into a small amount of oil to prevent corrosion. The above is the basic knowledge of test pump use and maintenance, hoping to help your test pump product use and maintenance. Expand to read: Pump and Valve Tube and Pipe Fittings Exhibition Information 2016 Exhibition Information Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: Fenfen (QQ / WeChat :) (Service Hotline:)

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