2016 Youth "Grinding Baby" Military Summer Camp begins to register

Abstract The annual summer life is about to start again. It is a long-awaited pleasure for children, but it is a headache for parents. How to spend a two-month holiday? Is the child indulging in games and animation? Still let the children run...
The annual summer life is about to start again. It is a long-awaited pleasure for the children, but it is a headache for parents. How to spend a two-month holiday? Is the child indulging in games and animation? Or let the children travel in various classes? This is obviously not the best choice. How can we arrange for a child to have a full and happy holiday? How to make your child exercise and grow and progress during the holidays? Now we have a better choice!
In the summer of this year, in order to solve the summer troubles of parents and children in the industry, China Superhard Materials Network has specially launched a military summer camp for the 2016 Youth “Grinding Baby” with the “Difficult and Strong Body” of Henan TV Station.
On the basis of emphasizing that "everything is based on safety", this military summer camp is specially designed for young people, introducing military management and modern experiential education concepts, integrating military environment, military atmosphere, national defense education, weapons and equipment into the military. Extend the essence of training and ultimately form a challenging experiential military development course. The aim is to promote the healthy and happy growth of young people through activities, to learn in the experience, to absorb in learning, to enhance in absorption, to enhance mutual trust and communication between people, and to help young people to sharpen their confidence in the shortest time. The will of self-discipline and self-improvement adopts militarized closed management and cultivates a good style of being able to endure hardship, obey discipline, obey orders and be frustrated.
The 2016 Youth Grinding Baby Military Summer Camp provides students with a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and the realization of their ideals through a comprehensive, three-dimensional and intuitive summer camp exchange. Through the cultivation of ideological and moral and military camp life; emphasize the training of the campers in physical fitness and skills; cultivate the strong and resolute military quality of the campers and a good sense of teamwork; guide the campers to dare to face difficulties and overcome difficulties.
Six major advantages of military summer camps:
Environment - the largest and most professional youth military training base in the province, with obvious safety tips for military training and activity venues, and equipped with full-time safety supervision inspectors;
Room and board - field camp air-conditioned apartment, prepared by schedule, equipped with military bedding, military uniforms, bed sheets pillows, pillowcases and other bedding, as well as washbasins, Mazars and other daily necessities;
Medical – The camp is equipped with a medical office and full-time medical staff, and establishes a joint relationship with two hospitals. Campers are injured or unwell, after emergency treatment in the camp medical office, and there are special medical staff to accompany them throughout the journey;
Insurance - The group is organized by the organization unit for the full-time accident insurance for the campers at the place of departure, and the individual handles the entire accident accident insurance from the camp;
Courses - designed for young people, introducing militarized management and modern experiential education concepts, combined with the military environment, military atmosphere, national defense education, weapons and equipment, etc. into the elite curriculum of military development training;
Clothing - adolescent military camouflage clothing with a "military summer camp" uniform logo and badge.
Six major meanings of military summer camps:
Self-confidence - improve self-confidence and be brave to surpass yourself. Release stress, teach children to establish a correct outlook on life, and improve self-reliance and self-regulation;
Communication - learn to communicate and harmonize relationships. In view of the shortcomings of young people who do not understand life, psychological vulnerability, and unsociable personality, they will jointly implement happy growth;
Personality - to stimulate potential and improve personality. Train the child's counter-business, let the child actively face setbacks, adversity, unfairness, and teach children to use it flexibly;
Action - develop the ability to use manual brain. Through the military experience development training, the children's observation, insight, analysis and learning will be comprehensively improved;
Cooperation - learn to cooperate and cultivate team spirit. Guide participants to discover the value of cooperation in group life and the individual responsibilities of the group. Teach children to understand the great power of the team;
Grateful - learn to be grateful and learn to cherish. Through activities, children learn to cherish, learn to be grateful, and grateful to their parents.
Participating in military summer camps allows children to experience many of the first times in their lives: the first time they wear camouflage uniforms, the first time they leave the family, the first independent life, the first execution of military orders, the first field training... The first time is what children can't experience in their daily study and life. For your child's future, we welcome your advice and we promise to let your child have a meaningful and unforgettable summer life. I believe that you will be happy and pleased with the changes of your child!
The 2016 Youth Grinding Baby Military Summer Camp Base is a provincial-level national defense education site that is jointly named by the Henan Provincial People's Government and the Henan Provincial Military Region National Defense Education Office to promote national defense education and carry out military training. It is the base of the People's Air Defense Education of Henan Province and the activity base of the Henan Provincial Military and Police General School. In 2006 and 2009, the Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education, and the National Defense Education Office will be rated as advanced units for national defense education. Since its establishment, it has been considered as a militia, a specialized military cadre, a large, medium, and small school, an administrative, an enterprise, a reserve force, etc. Nearly 600,000 people have conducted military training and national defense education. The base has set up an office to be responsible for the daily work of the base. It consists of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Base conditions: Covering an area of ​​more than 300 acres, it is located on the south side of the South-to-North Water Transfer Canal of the Central Plains West Road and the east side of the Zhengzhou City Botanical Garden. The environment is elegant, serious and harmonious. The military area is equipped with multi-door double-three-seven high-altitude artillery, Wuqi artillery, high-altitude machine guns, etc. . 35 coach cars, with advanced multimedia conference rooms, can accommodate 600 people at the same time. Large gymnasium, standard basketball court, football field, 400m obstacle course. The training venue can meet the training requirements of 3,000 people at the same time. The restaurant can serve 2,000 people and provide powerful logistics support for training.
More details: 2016 Youth "Grill Baby" Military Summer Camp Event

Registration method ( click to download the registration form )
Contact: Teacher Zhang Tel: 0371-67651390
Email @qq.com
Address: Room No. 9212, Sanmao South Campus, No. 121 Huashan Road, Zhengzhou City

Remittance method :
Parents can choose to remit the registration fee to Alipay account, or pay cash at the time of registration.
Alipay account:
Due to the limited number of enrollment in the military summer camps and camps, after you register your child, you should transfer the tuition fee to the designated account within three days before the start of the camp to determine the remittance. Please call or fax the remittance to the number of 0371-67651390. The consultant will confirm with you.

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