Replacement of the toilet seal ring

Most households now use flush toilets, which is an essential building material for every family life. What's the effect of toilet seals on toilets? I believe this issue may be stumped a lot of people, so let's take a look at the role of toilet ring toilet seal and the method of replacement.

The role of toilet bowl seals

1. After you have completed all the renovation procedures for your new home, the taste of new homes will be dissipated during a period of time and you are preparing to move into your new home. However, some people will soon find that the toilet has an unpleasant odor. Because of the irregular installation of the toilet during the renovation process, the cement was used to connect the sewage outlet of the toilet with the sewage pipe on the floor during the installation. It was not known that the cement would expand for a long time. Odor spreads through cracks in the cracked cement. Therefore, installing the seal ring is an indispensable step and can effectively block the leakage of odor.

2. If we use the toilet sealing ring, it can be easily and conveniently positioned during the installation of the toilet so as to avoid the phenomenon that the outlet of the toilet is deviated from the drainage pipe after the installation is completed. Once the toilet block occurs, we can easily move the toilet without damaging the drain after cement is used, which is to facilitate the maintenance of the toilet in the future.

3, generally our toilet seal ring can play a role in sealing and waterproof, but also very effective in preventing the distribution of odors, the product's stickiness to be long, then most of the toilet on the market nowadays installed flange sealing flange is not Have this function. The product was unpacked and placed on an indoor table. After three to seven days, the quality of the product was not guaranteed. The surface was very viscous and there was now no stickiness.

How to replace the toilet seal

1. When replacing the toilet seal ring, remember to close the water valve first. After closing the water valve, there will be residual water in the water tank and the bowl, and then the toilet will be flushed once or twice. Next, all the remaining water in the tank and bowl is blotted with a sponge, the nut cover that secures the base of the pot to the ground is removed, and the nut is unscrewed. The lubricating oil and vise are also needed.

2, then disconnect the water supply pipe and carefully shake the toilet back and forth, so as to be able to loosen the seal ring and caulking agent, be careful when grasping the potty, do not grab the tank. Disconnect the water supply. Gently rock the toilet back and forth to loosen the seal and caulking agent. Carefully grasp the potty instead of catching the tank. If you catch a water tank, it may damage or crack the joint between the tank and the bowl, and remove the old seals on the joint surfaces.

Summary: The role of toilet seals and related information on methods to replace the toilet seals on the introduction here, I hope these help you. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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