How much is the dessert shop decoration? How to decorate the dessert store to save money?

Desserts are very popular among consumers, so more and more investors choose to open a dessert shop, but for a novice, how to decorate the store is a very annoying problem, and the dessert shop will save the budget, but it will exceed the budget. . So how much is the dessert shop ? How to decorate the dessert store to save money? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will give you an answer one by one for your reference.


How much is the dessert shop decoration?

The decoration of the dessert shop attaches great importance to the establishment of the appearance image. The focus of the decoration is on the design of the facade, and the requirements can be more refined. The decoration price of the 30-square-meter dessert shop is generally around 25,000. The main foods sold in the dessert shop are mainly milk tea, hot drinks and cakes, and homemade sweets. The decoration seems to have a specific connection with the food on the surface.


How to decorate the dessert store to save money?

1. The initial decoration work of the dessert shop can be done by yourself, without having to hire another worker to spend money. Instead of putting money into the hired worker, it is better to use it for later turnover. For example, the wall of the shop, a little repair and repair a few thousand dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, buy a tank to paint their own, the cost is only a few tens of dollars. It is not difficult to brush the wall itself. Even if it is not a decoration, as long as it takes a little more time, it can also complete the wall tile pattern of the wall, and the effect looks good.

2, the decoration style determines the decoration cost. This is the experience of many shops in the decoration, the decoration of the dessert store should be based on the simple style. This kind of simplicity means that the various functional spaces and shapes can be minimized, so that the amount of engineering will also be reduced, the use of the main materials and auxiliary materials will be less and less, and the decoration cost will naturally be much less.

3, the dessert shop owner can save money on the decoration materials, through the shop to choose the right materials, but also in order to save the decoration funds and blindly choose the cheap decoration materials, the waterproof material in the store must choose Brands with better quality, but can not blindly choose some big brands, but ignore their quality problems. Some of the better quality and slightly cheaper materials can be selected on the base material, so that most of the renovation funds can be saved on the decoration materials.

4, install the floor tiles, you must pay attention to the anti-skid design, if the wall is required, just install a one-meter high tile on the line, no need to be too high. The walls of the dessert shop are mainly white. Do a few murals of dessert products, highlight the theme, and be simple, don't be too complicated, don't let customers feel messy.

5. Use the off-season concept to decorate the dessert shop. The time of the off-season decoration in different areas is different. For example, in the southeast coastal area, the off-season of decoration has always been the rainy season. At this time, the decoration is often compared with materials and wages. Low, it is a good time to enter the market.

The above is how much the dessert shop decoration brought to you by Xiaobian? How to decorate the dessert store to save money? I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of how much the dessert shop is decorated after reading this article. If you want to know more about decoration, please click on the decoration knowledge channel.

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How to design a dessert shop? How much is the dessert shop decoration?

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