The advantages and disadvantages of various lamps and lanterns

The style of the lamps and lanterns in the market should be understood by everyone. The styles are various. The gap between them is also very large. It is not only the selection of lamps but also the choice of lighting. Different styles of lamps can achieve different decorative effects, so let's look at the price of various lamps and the advantages and disadvantages of common lamps.

Various lighting prices

First, European

European-style lamps can generally reflect its luxurious and elegant, dignified and atmospheric style, the price of such European-style lamps, in fact, we all know that will be more expensive, a lamp price can reach 1,000 yuan. The overall effect of this type of lighting is elegant and atmospheric, with a very luxurious feeling. The price of such lamps can reach 1,000 yuan. In the European-style lamps also have a simple style, this lamp has a very good decorative effect, full of literary atmosphere, the price of such lamps and lanterns in 800 yuan or so.

Second, Chinese

Chinese-style lamps will generally appear to be more simple, the design will not be too high-profile and trend, the shape is designed in a geometric shape, such a lamp price can be purchased in about 500 yuan. This kind of style of lamps and lanterns is favored by many older people, the light intensity is moderate, and the shape of the lamp is not overwhelming. It is very stimulating in the living room and the effect is also good.

Third, modern

Modern style lamps will have a lot of patterns in the general style of style design. They will be more fashionable and stylish, giving people a sense of grandeur. Like this kind of style lamp prices can be bought in more than 200 yuan, this style of lamp design is more casual, with a very good decorative effect.

IV. Pastoral

Pastoral style lamps are more colorful in style, and some of the design styles can also be called a kind of artistic works. The colors are also various and can create a natural and comfortable feeling for the family environment. The price of about 400 yuan or so, more affordable, is a high cost of a lamp, this style of lamp is a lot of variety, shape, style, rich, is a very good decorative lamps.

The advantages and disadvantages of common lamps

1. Now to learn about the lamps that we can often see or use in our lives, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, such as incandescent lamps, was invented by Edison in 1879, and is undergoing continuous transformation. The incandescent lamp is shining. The efficiency also increases accordingly. Advantages: low power, low power consumption, but also very cheap, with directional, scattering, diffuse and other forms. Disadvantages: Low optical performance, short life, high power consumption, high electricity costs, and no environmental protection.

2. The energy-saving lamp is an electronic light bulb with energy-saving effect. It is a fluorescent lamp that contains a lamp cap, ballast, lamp, and a combination device. This lamp cannot be disassembled when it is not in compliance with the Ki structure. Advantages: compact structure, small size, high luminous efficiency, energy saving, long life. Disadvantages: Slow start-up, ballasts used in energy-saving lamps produce a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation in the event of an instantaneous high pressure, excessive radiation nuclear radiation will harm the human body.

Summary: Today's various lighting prices and the advantages and disadvantages of common lighting are the content. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more. If you want to learn more about building materials, please keep an eye on our website.

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