What are the manufacturers of aluminum foil bags in Beijing?

Recently, many customers have asked me what are the manufacturers of aluminum foil bags in Beijing . Today, I have compiled several aluminum foil bag manufacturers for your reference.
1.Beijing Yuelai Hengtong Trading Co., Ltd.
Beijing Yuelai Hengtong Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in producing aluminum foil bags, high pressure film plastic bags, low pressure film portable plastic bags, food bags wholesale; plastic bags for plastic products; plastic shopping bags; advertising plastic bags; aluminum foil bags wholesale; food bag manufacturers. High and low pressure blown film, color printing, bag making in one; professional processing and production of plastic bags and other products. Packaging bags vest bags gift bags packaging bags. Has more than 20 years of industry experience. It is one of the professional plastic bag wholesale networks with the largest scale and the most complete product categories in the same industry.
2. Beijing Chenhui Plastic Packaging Factory
Beijing Chenhui Co., Ltd. is located in Guangcai Road, Fengtai District, Beijing. Since its establishment, it has been producing various plastic bags, food bags, composite food bags, environmental protection bags, non-woven bags and plastic woven bags. Now has a strong strength, has a strong production scale. It is a professional woven bag manufacturer integrating production, processing and sales. Since its establishment in 2000, with innovative management and integrity management as the driving force for development, it has developed rapidly and formed a production system from blown film, printing and bag making. Excellent equipment, strong technical force, reasonable price, timely delivery, high quality, and integrity first.
3. Beijing Zhenyu Plastic Factory
Beijing Zhenyu Plastic Factory wholesale and custom-made food bags, aluminum platinum bags, supermarket bags, vacuum bags, retort bags, ziplock bags, cosmetic bags, bubble bags, gift bags, clothing bags, medical bags, book bags, CD bags, etc. Plastic bags, plastic film, bubble film, heat shrinkable film, cling film, wrapping film. Bedding packaging, woven bags, handbags, paper bags, stickers, sealing tape and sealing printing tape, etc. Delivery.
4. Beijing Xiongda Tengfei Trading Co., Ltd.
Beijing Xiongda Tengfei Trading Co., Ltd. mainly produces all kinds of plastic bags, non-woven bags, environmental protection bags, paper bags, canvas bags, woven bags and other products. Can be customized according to customer needs, high quality, unique design, large quantity and excellent. A variety of models and materials, environmentally friendly and healthy, is your best choice.
The above is the Beijing aluminum foil bag manufacturer that Xiaobian has compiled for everyone, and hopes to help the customers in need.

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