How is the gift shop displayed correctly? Gift shop display tips

Businesses who have had experience in opening gift shops know that mastering gift shop display techniques can create a relaxed and enjoyable shopping environment for consumers. This not only stimulates their desire to shop, but also a great way to showcase store information. So how is the gift shop displayed correctly? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the gift shop display skills, I hope to help everyone.

How is the gift shop displayed correctly?


Gift shop display skills 1, classified display and quantitative display combined

Gifts are small and exquisite, but because the volume is too small, a single product in the store will not attract the attention of consumers, this time you need to use "quantity" to make up. A certain number of gifts are put together, not only to attract consumers, but also to produce a shocking effect. Imagine a string of crystals compared to a piece of crystal, and the latter is sure to attract you. At the same time as quantification, the merchant should also pay attention to the different categories of gifts placed separately, and then the overall quantification. Separate placement means that apart from placing products such as white diamonds and colored diamonds separately, products of different prices should be placed separately, which is conducive to consumers of different needs and purchasing powers.

Gift shop display skills 2, set up different sets of products

In terms of product display, gifts and clothing are similar, and different products can be displayed in a complete set. For example, headwear, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc., through the overall matching display presents a three-dimensional display effect. This will not only save consumers the time of repeated selection, but also provide a reference for consumers who will not match, and speed up the purchase.

Gift shop display tips 3, according to specific topics for display

The role of gifts in festivals is more important than clothing. Therefore, in different festivals, merchants can launch different themes and supplement the corresponding products for product display. For example, at Christmas time, you can integrate the product display into Christmas elements such as Christmas trees and Santa Claus. At Halloween, you can integrate the product display into various Halloween elements. This method not only creates a festive atmosphere, but also attracts consumers' attention and plays a role in promotion.


Gift shop display skills 4, product display according to consumer psychology

Every business that opens a gift shop should study the psychology of consumers. First of all, in terms of color, most consumers pay attention to the color of gifts when buying gifts. Therefore, it is important to make a reasonable mix of products of different colors when the product is displayed. Gifts in warm and cold colors can be opened or combined, and the ultimate goal is to attract consumers. The second is to pay attention to the habits of consumers looking at things after entering the store. According to relevant statistics, most consumers like to browse gifts from left to right after entering the gift shop. The final look is mostly on the gift on the right. Therefore, when the business is on display, remember to display some of the main products on the right side.

Gift shop display skills 5, using light effects for product display

Gifts and clothing are different, and it is highly dependent on the lighting in the store. The position of good light, good visual effect and sufficient brightness can not only be easily found by consumers, but also maximize the advantages of gifts. The combination of lighting and gifts creates a dreamy, noble and luxurious feeling that often promotes consumer impulse consumption.

The above is how the gift shop brought to you by Xiaobian is correct? The entire contents of the gift shop display skills, I believe that everyone after reading this article has a basic understanding of the gift shop display, if you want to know more about decorative advice, please click to enter the decorative knowledge channel.

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