Should you use putty powder or talcum powder on the wall? why?

Brushing the wall putty refers to clearing the uneven surface of the base layer by filling or whole processing, keeping the wall smooth and smooth, just like the process of making the base in the makeup process, the base is laid, and the wall is modified. It also has a good foundation, and can be used to make a variety of wall decorations.

The main material of the putty is the putty powder and the talcum powder . The specific method is to scrape the putty on the wall to ensure the wall is flat. Generally, it is scraped three times, dried and sanded with sandpaper. This step is carried out before the upper latex paint.
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Then the question is coming. What is the difference between the two?

1. From the perspective of performance and environmental protection, putty powder will be better than talcum powder + glue.

It is difficult to construct putty powder. Many workers can't master the construction skills. When they use it, they always feel too hard. If they are not working well, they will crack. Therefore, most workers will tell the owner that the putty powder is not good.

2. Putty powder is water-based paint. Compared with talcum powder + glue, putty powder is more environmentally friendly, and the approved wall is harder.

The wall is easy to bump into the pit, the reason is that the wall is too soft. Most of this is caused by excessive use of talcum powder.

Putty powder hardness is better, environmental protection performance is better, and talcum powder + glue + white cement, relatively fine, well polished, workers are relatively better to operate.

3. Brush the wall is the choice of putty or talcum powder

The talcum powder process uses not only talcum powder + glue, but also a very important raw material: white cement, namely: talcum powder + white cement + glue.

White cement is mostly used for decoration. Its manufacturing process is much better than ordinary cement, but its strength is not high, so it can not be used solely for wall surface.

At the end of the first batch, the proportion of talcum powder: white cement is about 5.5-5: 4.5-5; the proportion of talcum powder: white cement at the bottom of the second batch is about 6.5-6: 3.5-4; Gradually reduce the amount of white cement, basically no need to add white cement when the last time and the second to last.

4. Putty is a "pronoun"

Because the wall treated with putty powder or putty paste is still relatively easy to crack, and the cost is not low, the current captain of the decoration is recommended to use the talcum powder plus putty glue to level the wall. Of course, the wall that was brushed out was flat and beautiful, and durable. In theory, whether it is putty powder or talcum powder + white cement + glue, the first batch must be watered after the bottom batch to protect it from cracking.

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Putty powder note:

1. When storing, pay attention to waterproof and moisture proof. The storage period is six months.

2. The construction temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius. After the putty powder is adjusted into a paste, it should be used within 4-5 hours to avoid excessive deterioration.

3, putty powder can not be used with other putty on the same construction surface, so as not to cause chemical reactions and chromatic aberration.

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