0.1-0.98n. M Rechargeable Screwdriver Machine 30V Corded Drill

Model NO.: SWGH-10HP
Power Source: Electricity
Function: Professional
Condition: New
Customized: Non-Customized
Trademark: Suwaie
Transport Package: Carton 32*12.8*6.3cm
Specification: 154*21cm
Origin: China
HS Code: 8205400000
Small Torque Electric Screwdriver Set for Power Assembly Tools:

The Suwaie screwdriver was designed for lower torque assembly operations,Standard Electric Screwdrivers (with Brushes)   These standard models use brushes and over time there's wear on expandable parts (carbon brushes, commutators, switches and other contact points). The heat generated by the motor in electric screwdrivers with brushes can shorten the operating life of the screwdriver. Wear on the expendable parts can affect performance, causing the screwdriver to stop operating. These screwdrivers require regular maintenance and part replacement, depending on the amount operating time and the environment it's used in.

Specification of Power Hand Tools Corded DC Electric Powerful Screwdriver SWGH-10H :



Input Voltage

DC   30V

Measuring range







Torque accuracy


Torque adjustment

Stepless adjustment

Torque adjustment mode

Internal debugging

Start the way

Hand press type/Downward compression

Idling speed (R.P.M)




Applicable screw diameter(mm)

Mechanical tooth


Self-tacking tooth


No load current(A)


Applicable screwdriver starter


Power :
0.1-0.98n. M Rechargeable Screwdriver Machine 30V Corded Drill
Input Voltage AC-100V-250V
Output Voltage 30v
Output current 2A
external dimension 137.5*76*32(mm)
Weight(g) 260

Power cable: 

0.1-0.98n. M Rechargeable Screwdriver Machine 30V Corded Drill
Plug pins 3 PIN or 5PIN
Connector type Straight
Length 2 m
Diameter 0.6 mm

0.1-0.98n. M Rechargeable Screwdriver Machine 30V Corded Drill

Soldering Station Brushless Adjustable Torque Screwdriver Holder Performance:
★ non-carbon, low-noise equipment, and low voltage.
Designed for high production environments. Minimal heat build-up even when tool is operated continuously.
★ Slot-less/brush-less motor is used. Tightening accur
acy, efficiency and maintainability are improved
★ The brushless motor offers an increased tool working lifetime, while the ergonomics are patented and provide a high operator comfort level.
★ Brushless feature is applicable in a clean-room environment. The output of torque is highly stable. It is not only a easy-operate equipment but also be operated continuouslt for a long period.
★ It can be easily and efficiently operated in the assembly line with its stable torque and long-term working motors.
★ High performance Swiss Maxon brushless motor design provides durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs for electric screwdrivers.

★ Small size and light weight,low noise,with streamlined design and stable performance,it can be ★ used for a long time without any maintenance.
With almost no expendable parts and simple design, the brushless screwdriver life cycle is extended and maintains a clean working environment. The screwdriver requires less maintenance and part replacement and provides consistently reliable performance.
★Brushless motor design provides shutoff accuracy and increased cycle rate capability.
★ Torque adjustment is easy and convenient step-less adjustment by rotating the torque adjustment ring to the left or to the right.Speed can also be adjusted to High (Hi) or Low (Lo).
★ High precision of the torque ,with step-less torque adjustment,simple operation,it can be generally used for electrical and electronic lightening products,home apliances,toys,computers accessories and other processing and assemblying operation.
★ Certification: CE,CCC,ROHS and ISO9001:2008.

0.1-0.98n. M Rechargeable Screwdriver Machine 30V Corded Drill


0.1-0.98n. M Rechargeable Screwdriver Machine 30V Corded Drill
0.1-0.98n. M Rechargeable Screwdriver Machine 30V Corded Drill

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