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Just after the hot summer, in the blink of an eye, it is autumn, and winter is not far away. The air conditioner starts heating from cooling. Air conditioning can cool and heat, it can solve the temperature problem in our daily life. Although the air conditioner is easy to use, it also needs to pay attention to the service life of the product. If you let the air conditioner work over the age limit, it may cause hidden safety problems. Therefore, the air conditioner has been used for more than 10 years. It is recommended to stop using it. A new machine needs to be replaced to make it safer to use.

I still remember a reporter from the sports weekly reported earlier that the old air conditioner was suspected to be natural, and the smoke caused suffocation. Although this is an example, we ca n’t take it lightly. It is recommended to treat our air conditioners regularly, and it ’s better to stop using them when they are in use.

1. How long can the air conditioner be used?

So the question is coming, how long is the service life of home air conditioners ? In order to clarify this problem, the author consulted the after-sales maintenance personnel of related home appliances, and the answer was 6 to 20 years. When explaining the service life of air conditioners for some air conditioners, most of them talk about 5-8 years. According to the author's understanding, 6 years is the warranty period of the air conditioner. During this period, if the air conditioner fails, the manufacturer will repair it. However, after the deadline, the air conditioner can be used for a few more years.

So, is there a more authoritative statement? This is true. In the official website of the National Standards Committee, in 2007, it approved the release of the "General Principles for the Safe Use and Recycling of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances ", which includes the service life of air conditioners. Guidance has been given, generally 8 to 10 years, but it is not mandatory. The specific service life shall be determined by the manufacturer according to the residents' use.

Second, pay attention to three points when buying air conditioners

1. Look at the brand technology

When users buy air conditioners, they must choose high-quality products from Carrier's big brands, which can also guarantee our long-term use. In terms of after-sales, it is relatively reliable. After all, the installation and post-maintenance of air-conditioning products are a problem. If the brand is too small or the technology is not good, then you need to use after-sales. Use experience.

2. Frequency conversion and fixed frequency

The difference between the inverter air conditioner and the fixed frequency air conditioner is mainly the compressor used. The compressor is equivalent to the heart of the air conditioner. The operating speed of the compressor of the fixed frequency air conditioner is constant, and the operating speed of the inverter air conditioner compressor can be adjusted and changed. When the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor of the fixed-frequency air conditioner will stop running, and the inverter compressor used in the inverter air conditioner can run at a reduced speed to achieve non-stop operation.

Many people think that the inverter air conditioner saves more electricity than the fixed frequency air conditioner. In fact, the energy saving advantage of the inverter air conditioner needs to be used for a long time. People who are sensitive to temperature are very important. Although the price of fixed frequency air conditioner is cheaper, it is not recommended to buy it from the perspective of comfort or environmental protection. After the technical upgrade, the price of inverter air conditioner is not as expensive as before. As a household air conditioner, it is recommended to start with inverter.

3. What does "horse number" mean?

When we buy air conditioners in stores or on e-commerce channels, the salesperson will ask us how many air conditioners we want to buy. So, what does “horse” stand for? After checking the information, I know that horse is a unit of power. What is used here is the amount of cooling capacity of the air conditioner, which reflects the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. The cooling capacity is about 2500W. Common air conditioners are 1P, 1P, 1P, 1.5P and 1.5P and 2P, which are mainly used in the bedroom environment. The air conditioners in the living room are 2P, 3P and 5P.

The area of ​​use determines the number of horses you buy. In the first-class energy efficiency inverter air conditioner, the wall-mounted models mainly focus on two specifications of 1 horse and 1.5 horses. It is relatively easy to choose. In addition, it should be combined with the actual use environment. If it is a western drying room or the top floor, it is necessary to choose a slightly larger air conditioner.

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