Why does the centipede not poison the rooster? Centipede: Please check the rooster's position!

Centipede, scorpion, viper, toad, gecko, this is commonly known as the "five poisons", is the poison that has been passed down from ancient times to the present, and the two are also mutually restrained. Among these five poisons, the most feared thing is that the snake There are centipedes, and the body of the venomous snake is flexible. Many people will feel very scared when they see such creatures. The centipedes are all tentacles and look disgusting, but although the venomous snake is very big, it will still be afraid of seeing the centipede.

The viper feels scared when it sees the centipede. Why is the cock not afraid of the centipede, but the centipede runs away when it sees the chicken? The centipede has grown so many feet, it is highly toxic, and can release venom. Once bitten by the centipede, it may be serious or even fatal. So why are centipedes afraid of chickens? The venom released by the centipede is a hemolytic protein and a histamine-like substance. From the beginning, it is a protein-like substance. Such a poison does not enter the blood and is useless.

The chicken's feet have a thick layer of skin. This thing, which looks like horny, can protect the cock. And the centipede is afraid of chickens because the chicken mother can detoxify the centipede, and people in ancient times thought that the thing that the centipede crawled on was poisonous, and it was bitten by the centipede. It only needs to cover the chicken on the wound, then the venom It can be sucked out, and indeed everything is mutually compatible, the centipede is afraid of the hen, and the hen is afraid of the snake, and the ecosystem is really interesting.

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