Antioxidant 5057 Liquid Hindered Amine Antioxidant

  • Model NO.: AO 5057
  • Kind: Antioxidant
  • Trademark: DEBORN
  • Origin: China
  • Color: Purple
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Specification: 99%
 Physical and chemical properties and technical specifications:
              Appearance                   the light purple liquid
              Freezing Point                        0-5 'C
              Density (20 'C)                     0.95-1.00g/cm3.
              Viscosity (25 'C)                 1100-1400mPa s
              Water                                     <0.1
              Acetone                                 > 50
              Toluene                                > 50
              Chloroform                           > 50
              1,1 - methylene chloride                > 50
              Ethyl acetate                          > 50
              Methanol                                > 50

     Antioxidant 5057 is a liquid hindered amine antioxidant, a hindered amine while maintaining the excellent antioxidant properties, but also has the unique nature of the liquid, easy measurement and transportation. Its prominent feature is the low volatility and good compatibility, add the process without dilution. With 100% activity. With other functions with the use of stabilizers such as Irganox1135, can play a very good synergy. Can also be used alone.
 Features: 5057 anti-oxidation performance, fully applicable to the preparation and processing of polymers throughout the process. Polyurethane foam cushion for stabilization, it can effectively inhibit the storage and transport of peroxide formation. Further prevent foaming in the scorch phenomenon; its performance with other classes by phenolic antioxidants, such as Irganox1010, 1135 with, or stabilizers (such as phosphite, phosphorothioate esters, hydroxylamine, lactone), and light stabilizers (such as UV absorbers, HALS) with the use. The superior performance of the play can be further
General usage between 1000 and 4000ppm, or can be pumped into the Canadian way.
 Storage and packaging: should be in the dark, dry, low temperature, stored under seal.
 Uses: used in polyurethane plastics, fibers, elastomers, and the additive oil 

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