Cad tutorial: using 3D to play surface design

Zhongwang 3D is a very powerful CAD/CAM software with powerful surface drawing capabilities. Here is a brief introduction to the practice of looking at 3D surfaces.

1, if you have a plane, you want to use the point as the object for local depressions and protrusions, you can use the surface offset function. Create a new part, create a plane under the entity editing interface, select After selecting the face and offset distance, at the offset point in the lower column Click the yellow icon, select the point on the surface, and then enter the deviation distance to determine the map with local bumps.

2, if you have a face and a line segment that is not on the face, and want to get a fixed size and angle of the face through the projection, then the angle surface command can help you. Select the angle surface icon under the surface Select the known surface and curve, enter the desired angle and distance in the required input. If the selected plane is two, you can hook the two-way projection in the optional input and you can get the desired one.

3, the conical surface is a very good surface modeling tool, select the quadratic double track command under the surface command You can use the variables, constants, centers, intersection points, tangent points, trimming edges, shoulder points, etc. in the mandatory input to get different effects.

(shoulder point) (constant)

The above is the practice of several surfaces in the 3D. As long as you master the powerful surface function of Zhongwang 3D, you can greatly improve your work efficiency.

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