Yicheng Company successfully held the fourth quarter work conference in 2010

On October 28, 2010, Yicheng Company held the fourth quarter 2010 work conference in the multi-functional conference room. The theme of the conference was “to enter a new realm, achieve new breakthroughs, build a big pattern, and achieve great cause”. The main task is to comprehensively summarize the work in the third quarter and arrange the deployment of the fourth quarter and the next major tasks. The members of the company's leadership team, all personnel of the company's organs, and the management team members of the production and operation units attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Comrade Qu Liwei, the company's deputy general manager.

At the meeting, Chief Accountant Du Guoping, Safety Vice President Zhang Wenjie and Quality Director Xia Jun made a "Financial Work Report", "Safety Work Report" and "Quality Work Report" respectively, which summarized the work in the third quarter and the fourth quarter. The work has been arranged in detail. Sun Yi, the chairman and general manager of the company, made a work report titled “To enter a new realm, realize new breakthroughs, build a big pattern, and achieve great cause”, and put forward the task of “two lines of auxiliary support, three boards linkage”, for the company. Realize the conditions for the second take-off and lay a solid foundation. Finally, Party Secretary Qi Zhiyong made an important speech and called on all party members and cadres to wait for the time, to fight for the spirit of the day and night, to fight for 60 days, to fully accomplish the goals and tasks of the party and government, and to write new glory in the history of Yi Cheng.

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