Identification of true and false pesticides

At present, in agricultural production, pests and diseases are very harmful to crops. How to effectively control pests and diseases will directly affect the yield and quality of crops. However, in reality, there are many unscrupulous agricultural traders who seek private profits and illegally sell expired, expired pesticides and even fake pesticides. In view of this situation, it is particularly important to identify the authenticity and the pros and cons of pesticides. The specific method of identification is as follows:
First, the packaging method
Inspection mark, the relevant state departments stipulate that the pesticide packaging bag must indicate the product name, active ingredient content, trademark, net weight, standard code, dosage form, pesticide use method, manufacturer and production permit, registration certificate and other signs. If the above mark is not or incomplete, it may be a fake pesticide or a poor quality pesticide.
Second, the dissolution method
Used in emulsion pesticides with precipitation. The medicament can be immersed in warm water of 35-40 ° C for one hour. If the sediment at the bottom of the bottle is dissolved, it proves that the medicine can also be used. The sediment of the bottom of the bottle can also be filtered out and placed in a bowl with an appropriate amount of water, such as sediment. The substance dissolves, indicating that the drug has not failed; if a small portion of the precipitate does not dissolve, it proves that the drug is about to fail, but it can also be used.
Third, the burning method
Suitable for powder pesticides. The appropriate amount of powder pesticide can be taken first on the metal iron plate, and then burned on the fire. If white smoke appears, it proves that there is no failure; if there is no white smoke or insolubilization, it proves to be a fake drug.
Fourth, water soluble method
Suitable for wettable powders and emulsion pesticides. 50 grams of powder pesticide can be taken, placed in a glass bottle, add a certain amount of water, a little agitation, after half an hour, if the particles are suspended evenly, there is no precipitation at the bottom of the bottle, indicating that the drug has no failure. The wettable powder tends to become a block during storage. The agglomerated powder is first crushed, and a small amount of water is added. If it dissolves quickly, it proves that the medicine has not failed, and is not a counterfeit medicine.
V. Shock method
Suitable for emulsion pesticides. First look at whether the top and bottom are layered. If it is layered, it can be oscillated up and down to make it uniform and then allowed to stand for one hour. If it is still layered, it is not a failure and it is a fake medicine. It can not be reused.
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