Summary of 39 problems that need to be considered in water circuit reconstruction

First, the water section

(a) The design of the waterway should first consider all the equipment related to water, such as: water purifiers, water heaters, kitchen treasures, toilets and wash basins, etc., their location, installation methods and the need for hot water;

(2) Whether it is better to use gas or electric water heaters in advance and avoid the temporary replacement of water heaters, resulting in repeated alteration of the waterway;

(C) In addition to the bathroom outside the wash basin, toilet, washing machine and other outlets, it is best to take one out, then dragging the water to the ground, etc. is very convenient; it depends on the owners of everyone like the problem.

(D) After the location of the washing machine is determined, the drainage of the washing machine can be considered to be inside the wall of the drainage pipe, which is beautiful and convenient;

(V) There should be pressure tests after the waterway reform, but many decoration teams do not have pressure tests. They will lie to you in many ways, saying nothing to suppress, there is pressure in the pipes, and so on.

(6) It is advisable to have the owners present in the suppression test, which can play a supervisory role; some decoration teams will deceive the owners in this section. The method is: When the pressure is applied, open the “return valve” of the pressure pump to form a loop. Although the pressure pump seems to work, there is not much pressure in the tube. Especially for the electric pressure pump, the students should pay more attention. If you don’t understand, ask a professional to help you look at it.

(7) When picking up the house, check whether the drains in the kitchen and the bathroom are unobstructed. If the drain is slow, the property should be dredged in a timely manner. During the renovation, the drain outlets should be protected, especially during the tiled kitchen and bathroom. Cement falling into the drain leads to plugging;

(8) After filling the kitchen floor tiles, check the discharge of water to see if the floor drain is smooth (to remove the drainage speed after the floor drain covers, because most of the deepwater floor drains have the problem of slow drainage);

(9) If the extra floor drain is to be sealed off, the gap between the drain pipe and the floor drain must be blocked to prevent the overflow of the water.

(10) When using deep water sealing floor drain, it is necessary to clean up according to the use situation. Otherwise, the rubber pad below the floor drain will not achieve the sealing effect after hanging the dirty thing.

(11) It is particularly important that washing machine floor drains do not use deep-water sealed floor drains. The drainage speed of washing machines is very fast and the drainage volume is large. The rate of water discharge from deep-water sealing floors cannot be met. The result will directly lead to water spillage.

(12) When the waterway is reconstructed, attention should be paid to four points for the installation of electric hot water heaters, sub-tap and other reserved cold and hot water pipes.

1, to ensure that the spacing of 15 cm (now most of the electric water heaters, sub-faucet hot and cold water on the water spacing is 15 cm, there are individual 10 cm);

2. The height of the hot and cold water nozzles is the same;

3, cold, hot water supply pipe vertical wall surface, after the wall tile should also be careful not to let the bricklayer get it wrong (not vertical, then the installation can be strenuous);

4, cold, hot water on the nozzle should be higher than the wall two centimeters, shop walls should also be asked bricklayers finished after the completion of wall tiles to ensure the same level of wall tiles and water pipes. If the size is not appropriate, after installation of electric water heaters, sub-tap, etc., it may be necessary to purchase an additional pipe hoop, inner wire and other connectors to complete the installation;

(Thirteen) Do not forget to do waterproofing on the bathroom floor, especially on the ground. If the shower area is not a closed shower room, the waterproof surface of the wall should be 180 cm high to prevent the wall from sweating in the future. Before closing the cement, the 24-hour closed water test must be done. No problem can spread the bricks;

Second, the circuit part

(14) The design of the circuit must be determined after careful consideration of the possibilities, feasibility and availability. No one wants to pull wires on the floor of a new home. At the same time, the circuit design should also pay attention to its flexibility, and sometimes it should not be too "consummate." The death is resisted to sum up a relatively simple principle: In the more concentrated position of the electrical plug considers connecting a plug-in board in the future, the effect is often better than setting up the plug with full wall;

(15) The bedroom ceiling light can be considered double control (bedside and entrance);

(16) According to the needs of living, the ceiling light of the living room can be considered to be equipped with sub-switches and switches (switches (into the entrance hall and back to the main bedroom door);

(17) Pay attention to observing whether there are modules in telephone sockets and network cable sockets;

(18) The surround sound line should be buried when the circuit is modified.

(19) Note that strong and weak wires cannot be in the same pipe and there will be interference;

(20) If the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom are tiled, some locations may be properly considered without slotting;

(21) The socket is generally 30CM away from the ground, not lower than 20CM, and the switch is generally 140CM away from the ground;

(twenty-two) exhaust fan switch, telephone socket should be installed near the toilet, rather than into the bathroom door wall;

(23) The Yuba should be considered to be installed near the shower room or bath instead of being placed in the center of the bathroom.

(24) Reservations for sockets may be considered for balconies, corridors, and cloakrooms;

(twenty-five) space with mirrors and coat hooks, to consider the lighting near the mirror;

(26) In the living room, master bedroom, and bathroom, telephone lines should be pre-set according to personal habits and convenience;

(27) A maximum of eight lines in a tube, and remember that each tube gap can not be less than 40%.

(28) How to charge the cassette must be stated in advance. This is the most hidden and darkest profit point in the transformation of the water circuit. A cassette market is also one or two dollars, while the decoration team often charges more than ten dollars, and the average home improvement needs a small number of cassettes to be five or sixty. Therefore, it is normal for students to throw a few hundred dollars for this. Death is resisting pulling it out today. It has only one purpose. We remember five words: cut it down! ;

(Twenty-nine) The location of the outlet is very important, often the outlet is just behind the bedside cabinet, causing the cabinet to not be able to stand against the wall. It is generally not wrong to let the outlet be as close as possible, but if you leave the location of the outlet improperly, it may conflict with the placement of the furniture or the installation of the electrical appliance in the later period. Students must remember;

(30) Some kitchen sockets are also convenient with switches, so as to avoid the inconvenience of pulling and pulling the rice cooker plug from time to time, for example.

(Thirty-one) There is no need to set too many sockets behind the TV, and it is best to put a patch panel on the side of the TV afterwards.

(32) In the electrical code, it is required that the buried pipe must be made of PVC pipe and change its head.

(33) Circuit modification It is necessary to increase the line capacity in consideration of the use of household appliances.

(34) Clear communication intentions and design ideas should be made with workers. And draw the actual circuit transformation route on the wall;

Third, the water circuit synthesis section

(35) Before the transformation of the water circuit, let the decoration company (decoration team) measure the number of meters for hydropower reform according to the bullet line. You must follow the line at the scene to see how the line was taken when they measured, so that your heart will There is a spectrum. Even if the actual cost exceeds in the future, you will want to make a price, and you will know the bottom line and the goal of your efforts.

(36) Water circuit transformation It is best to mark the size of drawings and photographs to stay. It is because bathroom partitions, water heaters, cabinets, etc. are most often involved in perforation in the bathroom wall, and it is easy to destroy water circuit pipelines if improperly handled.

(37) Water circuit reform can not be divided into two ways: slotting and slotting, and some decoration teams can classify the slotting price into two types: “non-load-bearing wall slotting and slotting of bearing wall”;

(38) Hydroelectricity reconstruction is the largest hidden project, and it is also the most expensive item in the increase. Can not say how much the worker is, depends on whether or not they follow the conventional way. For example: the bias of the wall You walk around the wall, and the original two-tube-one-slot-two-slot system requires two slots;

(Thirty-nine) The following four home appliances (gas stoves are also counted) are listed as being required during the renovation period. They are: water heaters, hoods, kitchen treasures, and gas stoves. These four home appliances all have a direct relationship with the transformation of water circuits and cabinet designs. Their location design is particularly important. Students should have a good idea before the hydropower reform. As for household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and microwave ovens, there is no need to worry about buying them, and the location of the sockets can be reserved.

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