The interior door covers must be damp-proof before installation

Method 1: Before installation, seal the back of each part of the door pocket with the sealing tape, and the grounding surface of the part after the saw is installed. After installation, seal the gap between the door pocket and the ground with glass glue.
Method 2: In the same way as the above operation method and procedure, the method of spraying or brushing the moisture-proof paint is used instead of the sealing glue, and the grounding gap between the door sleeve and the ground is finally sealed with the glass glue;
Method 3: Seal the surface of the parts after sawing with sealing glue or moisture-proof paint, and then use polyurethane foam to fill the door cover and wall hole after adjusting and fixing the main frame of the door cover (side and front). Between the gaps, the ground was finally sealed with glass glue.
Once again, we reiterate: If a quality problem occurs due to non-moisture treatment, and the resulting loss, who will be responsible for sales. And this type of complaint company will not be accepted, nor will it be within the scope of claims.

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