How should winter wheat apply base fertilizer and top dressing in autumn?

For the winter wheat with a yield of 400-500 kg per mu in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, it is recommended to combine 1500-3000 kg of fertilized farmyard manure with 15 mm, 10-20-10, such as medium-nitrogen high-phosphorus and low-potassium compound fertilizer or 15-15-15. Compound fertilizer 25 ~ 35 kg, or the amount of nutrients and the ratio of urea, phosphate diammonium, potassium chloride and other fertilizers. If the straw is returned to the field, the amount of potassium fertilizer can be appropriately reduced, but 3 to 5 kg of urea should be added per acre. The top dressing is mainly from the beginning to the jointing stage. According to the local soil and seedlings, 15-20 kg of urea is applied once or several times. For the wheat in the arid regions of northwest China, the fertilization should be combined with the drought-resistant and water-saving techniques, and the seedlings should be plucked; the rice in the Yangtze River basin should be combined with the drainage and anti-caries technology of the Qinggou Sangou (boxing, gutter, and fur). Phosphate fertilizer should use calcium superphosphate or calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, and increase the proportion of potassium fertilizer.
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