Old mold import customs audit

The old mold import customs price Huanggang import customs clearance trial price _ old mold import customs audit (+86-I345O693383 bear 'R, Q-q2281069775) this year for the import declaration industry is a bad news person. After the two sessions were the national shield policy, that should not feel anything, that is, the customs inspection frequency is higher, the examination order is more stringent, from a small instrument body without a sticker manufacturing date can be stored at the terminal for nearly two months to release The detection of some marble materials was detected by the private sector of the Dolomites, which led to the payment of more than RMB 300,000 to the terminal warehouses. Policies are often the first pilot, Huanggang import customs clearance trial _ old mold import customs review price (+86-I345O693383 bear 'R, Q-q2281069775) has effect and then promoted in the country, customs supervision is also the case, generally take some In order to carry out pilot projects in irrelevant ports, Guangdong Province should be ranked in the second phase of the project. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the effect has come out. It will be even better if we put efforts into Guangdong. Above, we talked about what happened when we were in the shield of our country. Now we talk about another wave of injustice after the National Shield: “Surpassing the Price in Shenzhen Customs Area” project. Why is it a crazy review price? Huanggang import customs clearance trial price _ old mold import customs trial price (+86-I345O693383 bear 'R, Q-q2281069775) from a batch of welding rod declaration price of 200,000 yuan Huanggang Customs trial price to 7 million yuan a full turn Thirty-five times from the time before the Customs transited from Shekou Customs to Foshan Customs declaration of cargo value of 300,000 goods directly in Shekou Customs declaration of preferential tariff-free customs declaration higher than 20% of this kind of evidence is enough to show that: Shenzhen Customs trial price crazy. After this kind of thing appeared in the Shenzhen Customs District, a series of cases were also successively staged in Huangpu: Shenzhen customs audit 200USD stone price, the same cargo Whampoa need to review 300USD, Huanggang import customs review price _ old mold import customs audit ( +86-I345O693383 Bear 'R, Q-q2281069775) does not care whether the customer is buying at 200USD, and asks you to disagree with you. If you do not agree, you can provide documents to interpret in the past like proof of payment, transaction letter, etc. For example, many domestic customers who buy from overseas suppliers are paid for after the goods are cleared completely, and the transaction letters are also the secrets of the customer's trade secrets. However, if they do not accept the documents, they will only be able to provide time-consuming documents, delaying the use of documents, and delaying the ten-day delay. The shipowner rents and dock storage fees are no small sums of money. The end customer only compromises, which is why Chinese small businesses feel at ease. What? Delaying the delivery of the delivery period naturally becomes their top priority. Can we talk about development? Huanggang import customs clearance trial price _ old mold import customs review price (+86-I345O693383 bear 'R, Q-q2281069775) import declaration | used equipment import declaration | old equipment import declaration | Hong Kong seized | old mechanical and electrical recordation | import inspection |Import 3C certification

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