Botanical characteristics of Dalbergia

The broad-leaved Dalbergia belongs to the leguminous Leguminosae, the subfamily Papilionoideae, which has a canopy-shaped canopy, usually deciduous trees, and is often green in wet areas. The tree height can reach 20~40 meters and the breast diameter is 1.5~2.0 meters. Bark gray. Leaves alternate, oddly pinnate, 5-7 pieces per branch, leaves broad and blunt (namely broad-leaved Dalbergia), dark green. The flower is white and the size is 0.5~1.0 cm. The pods are brown and crack when mature. They contain 1 to 4 seeds and the seeds are brown. The roots are well developed with deep main roots and long lateral roots as well as suction cups.

In India, it is called sitsal, beete, shisham, Bombayblackwood, East Indian rosewood, Indian palisandre, Malabar; in Indonesia, it is called Java palisandre sonokleling or sonobrits. In Japan and Taiwan, China is used to refer to broad-leaved Dalbergia as "Huangye Dalbergia" or "Guangye Rosewood". In Guangdong, it is customary to call broad-leaved Dalbergia "oily twigs". In the old furniture industry, the broad-leaved Dalbergia produced in India is commonly known as “Purple Pear” in Shanghai and other places.

One of the treasures of the broad-leaved yellow sandalwood tree, as everyone knows, the Chinese prefer purple, and the purple is the color of grace and luxury; the idiom has the word "purple gas to the east", describing the purple gas as the auspicious gas; the imperial city called the "foreign city", Zunwei Auspicious. "Purple pear" is a literary name. Like "Huanghua Pear", it has a variety of wood color and its main color is purple. The current national standard GB/G18107-2000 "Redwood" in the broad-leaved Dalbergia is a black rosewood, which is a kind of black rosewood.

Ecology: distributed in Asian monsoon forests, mature trees resistant to drought and surface fires, suitable for temperatures 0o C-50o C, humidity 40-100%, growing in low plains to 1,500 meters above sea level, often with teak Tectona grandis, Terminalia sp., Anogeissus latifolia and bamboo forest. Like to grow in damp and well drained dark soil or calcareous clay.

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