Related introduction of guardrail lights


The guardrail lamp is a road lamp installed in a road guardrail. Usually, a fluorescent tube or an LED is used as a light source, and a continuous guardrail is used as a carrier to form a linear or approximately linear guardrail strip.


The traditional guardrail lamp mainly uses plastic pipe as the guardrail material, which is simply used as the night landscape light belt, and the illumination of the road surface is carried by the pole lighting (street light pole). The new generation of guardrail lights use steel pipes as guardrail materials, which are waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision. Lamps can be used as an alternative to streetlights for lighting on the road surface, as well as a simple landscape light strip, or both, to achieve a combination of road lighting, collision avoidance and landscape.


It can be placed on the PCB board in a straight line in the order of red, green and blue. It is controlled by a dedicated driver chip to form endless colors and graphics. The shell is made of flame-retardant PC plastic, high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-UV, dustproof, moisture-proof, protection grade IP65.

Application range:

The guardrail light is especially suitable for use in billboards, overpasses, rivers, lake guardrails, building contours and other large moving photoreceptors, which can produce rainbow-like effects. Decorate the outline of the building with a guardrail tube to highlight the effect of beautifully colored buildings. It turns out that it has become a wonderful thing in lighting products, blooming in a dynamic city.

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