Aerated concrete roof slab

Aerated concrete roof panels have good load bearing and thermal insulation properties. Light weight (only 1/3 of general reinforced concrete prestressed round hole plate); good thermal insulation performance and fire resistance; due to its light weight, it can hoist 5~6 allegro at the time of construction, and can be laid directly on the roof The waterproof membrane such as linoleum basically avoids the wet work of the roof, thereby speeding up the construction progress and shortening the construction period. Because of its light weight, low thermal conductivity, good fire resistance, and dual functions of heat preservation and load-bearing, it is easy to construct and is a roofing material widely used in China and has broad prospects.

Refrigeration Gas

Refrigeration Gas,90% Purity Mixed Refrigerant Gas,High Purity Mixed Refrigerant Gas

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