Hot plate and cold rolled plate difference

The carbon content of the hot rolled steel sheet can be slightly higher than that of the cold rolled steel sheet. Hot-rolled steel sheets have low hardness, easy processing and good ductility. The cold rolled sheet has high hardness and is relatively difficult to process, but is not easily deformed and has high strength. Hot-rolled steel sheet has relatively low strength, poor surface quality (low oxidation/smoothness), but good plasticity, generally medium and heavy plate, cold-rolled sheet, high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, generally thin sheet, which can be used as stamping. Use the board. The production process of hot rolled steel sheets and cold rolled steel sheets is different. The hot rolled steel sheet is rolled at a high temperature, and the cold rolled is rolled at a normal temperature. In general, cold rolled steel sheets have better strength and hot rolled steel sheets have better ductility. The general thickness of cold rolling is relatively small, and the hot rolling may have a large thickness. The surface quality, appearance and dimensional accuracy of the cold-rolled steel sheet are superior to those of the hot-rolled sheet, and the thickness of the product can be rolled to about 0.18 mm, which is therefore popular. For the acceptance of the product, you can ask a professional. Both are the main materials commonly used in the storage shelf industry, but there are huge differences between the two.

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