How to choose a quenching furnace?

The quenching furnace is an important classification of electric furnace products and one of the hot products of electric furnace factory stores. It is a non-standard electric furnace specially designed according to user requirements. It is widely used for smelting and forging heating of non-ferrous metals. Heat treatment and quenching production line. Then how to choose the quenching furnace? Below, the electric furnace factory store will provide you with detailed answers.

The quenching furnace has been widely welcomed by customers because of its high heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidative decarburization, fast melting speed, self-mixing function, uniform melting temperature and uniform metal composition, and good electric heating working environment. At present, there are three kinds of well type carburizing quenching furnace (hereinafter referred to as well type furnace), sealed box type multi-purpose carburizing quenching furnace, (hereinafter referred to as box type furnace) and push rod type continuous carburizing quenching furnace (hereinafter referred to as continuous furnace). We should pay attention to the following points when purchasing the quenching furnace:

1. Well type furnace: less investment, unstable processing quality, poor labor conditions for all manual operations, small production capacity, suitable for small batch production.

2. Multi-purpose furnace: medium investment, stable heat treatment quality, full computer control, automatic operation, less operators and good working environment. The multi-purpose furnace is a gap type production, which is the same as the well type furnace. The heat treatment technology requires different products to be produced separately, and can be used for multi-purpose operations such as carburizing, soft nitriding, quenching and tempering, and can be mass-produced or mass-produced. The production capacity is higher than the well type furnace and lower than the continuous furnace.

3. Continuous furnace: large investment, large installed capacity, stable heat treatment quality, full computer control, automatic operation, continuous production without interruption. Heat treatment technology requires the same product to be simple to operate, and heat treatment technology requires different products to be complicatedly differentiated and adjusted. Suitable for mass production, the production capacity is the largest of the three carburizing furnaces. At the same time, it is beneficial to solve the problem that the thin-walled parts adopt the pressure quenching process to prevent the heat treatment from being deformed.

Remind the majority of customers, as the host supporting products, should use multi-purpose furnace or continuous furnace, the well type furnace is basically not used. Buy the quenching furnace, all in the electric furnace factory shop!

Ion-exchange resins are widely used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes. The most common examples are water softening and water purification. In many cases ion-exchange resins were introduced in such processes as a more flexible alternative to the use of natural or artificial zeolites. Also, ion exchange resins are highly effective in the biodiesel filtration process.                                                           SY-007 is a sort o fcation exchange resin that has sulfonic group(-SO3H) in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with 7% cross-linked degree.It is used mainly to soft hard water and produce pure  water,as well as used in the hydro-metallurgy and sugar producing and medicine and nosodium glutamate industry, it can be used as catalyzer and dehydrating agent.                                                                                           SY-206 is a sort of Anion Exchange Resin that has quaternary ammonium group[-N(CH3)3OH]in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with 7% cross linking degree.It is used mainly to produce pure water and treat waste water and extract tungsten and molybdenum in biochemical product and hydro-metallurgy.                                                                                                                                                       SY-D301 is a sort of anion exchange resin thathas tertiary amine group[-N(CH3)2] in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with macroporous structure.Itis used mainly to produce pure water and ultra pure water,especially suitable for the treatment of the water resource with highcontent salt and organic substance,as well as treat waste water which contains chrome and decolorize sugar solution and so on.

Ion Exchange Resin

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