Application of biological pesticides 8

With the improvement of people's living standards and health awareness, people pay more and more attention to the nutrition and safety of food. Bio-pesticide and high-efficiency and low-toxic pollution-free pesticides are gradually promoted in production. China Pesticide Network reminds everyone that the use of bio-pesticides Pay attention to the following questions:
First, most biological pesticides are not systemic, and it is necessary to pay attention to spraying evenly when spraying. For example, Beauveria bassiana must be evenly sprayed onto the pests, and the bacteria continue to multiply, eventually causing the pests to metabolize and die.
Second, the biological pesticides are slow, and should be used in the lower larval stages of pests. Many biological pesticides have a slow insecticidal effect, which is inferior to chemical pesticides. Therefore, the medication should be 2-5 days earlier than the chemical pesticide. Such as BT emulsion, Beauveria bassiana, etc., after spraying, the pests gradually die after 3-5 days.
Third, we must pay attention to the climatic conditions of spraying. Some pesticides in biological pesticides, only suitable climatic conditions, these pesticides will fully play their role. The general temperature of the biological pesticide is 20-30 ° C, the greater the humidity, the better, while avoiding excessive light conditions and killing beneficial bacteria.
Fourth, the use should be used with the use, with a good pesticide once used, such as Beauveria bassiana, with good pesticides sprayed within 2 hours, so as not to spore premature germination, loss of effectiveness.
5. Biological pesticides can be mixed with a variety of pesticides, or a small amount of detergent can be added to increase their adhesion and improve drug efficacy.

6. Biological pesticides cannot be mixed with fungicides. Biological pesticides are mostly fungi. When mixed with fungicides, the main components of the fungi are also killed, and the pesticides lose their effect.
7. Biological pesticides cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides. Most of the microorganisms in pesticides live under acidic environmental conditions. When mixed with alkaline pesticides, the living environment of these microorganisms is destroyed, causing the inactivation of fungi and the failure of pesticides.
Eight, pay attention to storage: the location of biological pesticide storage requires cool, dry, to avoid moisture failure. Such as Suyun gold stalk, Jinggangmycin, etc., they are characterized by high temperature resistance, inability to store, easy to absorb moisture and mildew, inactivation failure, and the shelf life can not exceed 2 years.

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