The role of laser marking machine chiller

The role of laser marking machine chiller http://
Now the factory laser marking machine is equipped with a special cold water system, but some users ignore the role of the cold water system in the process of use, resulting in the failure of the laser marking machine. In fact, this kind of failure can be avoided. It is to pay attention to the role of the chiller and to fully use its role.

First; cooling water affects the Q power supply.

The Q head is a component that processes the laser. The temperature at work is also a bit high. Generally, the waterless work for a moment is still a failure to burn out the Q head. However, if the Q head is not working for a long time (usually within 3 seconds), then the Q head is also very easy to burn out. If the Q head burns out, it is also a loss of several thousand pieces.

Second; the fundamental of the existence of cooling water.

The laser marking machine has a xenon lamp and a laser bar inside, and the xenon lamp inside is operated by 220V alternating current. Xenon lamps are the source of laser marking machines. It can reach a high temperature during work. If the cooling water is not supplied to the cooling in time during the operation of the xenon lamp. Then there will be a xenon explosion. This situation is very serious if a blowout lamp occurs in the absence of water. Basically, the things in the laser marking machine cavity, such as laser rods and glass tubes, are blown up and crushed. That would damage thousands or even tens of thousands. Therefore, when turning on the lights, be sure to pay attention to the return water in the circulating water of the laser marking machine must be unblocked to light. Laser in the presence of water to cool the cavity

Third; the purity of the cooling water.

The cooling water is not pure, that is to say, the cooling water is used for a long time, there is sediment, or improper protection causes other things in the water tank. If there is sediment in the cooling water, it must be replaced, but many customers use mineral water. Mineral water contains a variety of minerals that will slowly precipitate a substance when used for a long time. If this material is more in the refrigeration system because the water is going through the xenon lamp and the laser bar and the Q head. If the water quality is not good, the laser rod, the xenon lamp and the Q head form an encirclement. If the accumulation of deposits on the surface of the xenon lamp and laser rod will seriously affect. The laser is refracted through the laser rod in the cavity of the laser marking machine. The cleaner the cavity, the better the intensity of the light.

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