New urbanization promotes decoration hardware industry to pick up

New urbanization promotes decoration hardware industry to pick up Urbanization can be understood as urbanization, which involves major social changes in the transition from small-scale peasant economy to industrial economy, from self-sufficient economy to open economy, and from low technology content to new technologies. The so-called new urbanization is the emphasis on the civilization and rational evolution of concepts and behaviors, rather than the advancement of the past, as opposed to the old urbanization. This has led to the reproduction of low-level reproduction and waste of resources.

The promotion of urbanization will inevitably drive the development of the decorative hardware industry. There will be new growth points in the domestic market. The assembly number for the recovery of the industry is already sounding, and it is just around the corner when it comes to warming up. For the decoration hardware industry, the long-awaited new urbanization plan has finally emerged. The advancement of urbanization is to allow the development of decorative hardware in the next few years.

Nowadays, although the entire decorative hardware industry has not yet shaken off the haze, the country has vigorously promoted the construction of urbanization and released a strong signal bomb. This will inevitably be another good opportunity for the development of the decorative hardware industry. However, the entire industry may not be able to rest assured that it is safe. Sit and wait for urbanization to release tremendous energy. The entire decoration hardware industry must not only see the dawn brought by urbanization, but also must be self-rescue, and the economy is weak. We must calmly deal with the situation at the bottom of the valley. Now that we have gone from head to foot, our mindset has been adjusted and our mentality has been adjusted to be better. Timely situation.

Decoration hardware industry still has a lot of homework to do. It is imperative to reflect on the development status of the industry, how to change the current status, and reproduce the glory of the year. These all require the decoration hardware industry to settle down and scrutinize. Only by knowing oneself can we know one another, and only by learning to use our power to strengthen one's self-confidence, we can learn from the essence of ancient history to enrich ourselves. The decorative hardware industry is inextricably linked with urbanization. It goes without saying that the promotion of urbanization will inevitably drive the development of the entire industry. Enticing big cakes are right in front of us. Can we eat and eat? How much you eat depends on your own ability.

The Mobile Module house USES the high-tech compound adopt develop but becomes, is green environmental protection product,Mobile Module House is use The most advanced, time-saving and labor-saving BBOX module building adopts Aeronautical material New type of Composite Material made of Silicon through 5 years of research and development completed. It has Durability, Physical property , Waterproofness, Abrasion resistance,Fire protection, Blast protection, Chemical corrosion resistance, 7 times stronger than normal concrete,1/5 times lighter than normal concrete,thermal Insulation.
In addition,  Mobile Module house Is use BBOX module building Making "box" as basic unit of building, Neo 
Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (Neo-PPVC) , All moldularized in factory Hoisted on site, Suitable for wide span buildings mm-class deviation, Industrialized production and decoration. 80% of  production and decoration completed in factory, then the rest parts are transporte to the site for direct installation complete. 

A 204 square metter of the two-storey villa, about a day, four worker can installation complete. The Entire house except water and electricity installation, furniture and appliances need responsible from the customer, the rest of all building, wall, roof, floor, kitchen utensils, such as whole bathroom decorated etc by factory supply, thus greatly reduce customer building time and the cost of hiring workers, At the same time, because it is made of advanced high-tech materials, it is more fire-resistant, anti-explosion, anti-chemical corrosion, waterproof, durability, high temperature resistance, strong sealing and other characteristics than traditional buildings, so its service life can exceed 70 years up, even 100 years or 150 years are no problem.  

Therefore, BBOX Mobile module houses have more advantages and competitiveness than traditional houses, and customers will save a lot of trouble when choosing such houses.The villa can be easily built, BBOX can built up to 6 floors, and the interior design can according to the customer requirements customized

BBOX Module houses Delivery time 70days- 90 days, Site installation time 200 square meters 4 workers one day complete.

Mobile Module House

Mobile Module house

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