U.S. NMSU engineers develop photovoltaic system with data acquisition system

U.S. NMSU engineers develop photovoltaic system with data acquisition system

As we all know, photovoltaic power generation systems are commonly used by homes, businesses and universities. Today, a new type of photovoltaic system developed by the Southwest Research Institute for Scientific and Technological Development (SWTDI) of New Mexico State University is quite unique.

With a project named "First Solar Long-term Test Environment," SWTDI is testing the performance difference between the three types of components. There are minor differences in the design and architecture of these three types of components. The project's engineer Corey Asbill stated that SWTDI is tracking information, such as which system performs best at a specific temperature.

"The sponsors want to clarify the difference in performance of the third-generation systems." Asbill said, "For example, when the temperature is higher, is the system performance higher?"

Asbill claims that these PV projects are equipped with Data Acquisition System (DAS). DAS can test power output, solar light, and temperature data. Therefore, these photovoltaic projects are more unique than other types of photovoltaic systems. . SWTDI is responsible for the design, purchase, and installation of DAS. A DAS monitors the amount of incoming DC or energy, one is responsible for the exchange and output, and the last one is the main DAS, which is responsible for detecting all DC and AC data. All collected data will be collected in a computer and analyzed.

Talking about DAS, Asbill pointed out: "It is not unusual for photovoltaic systems. This is a completely unique result and is the core of the entire system."

SWTDI engineers designed, built, and installed the remaining two systems, one at the University of Vermont, one at the Florida Solar Center, and one at Sandia National Laboratories, used as a benchmark. Asbill pointed out that by analyzing data from different locations, researchers can discover the performance of different systems in different climates.

Cory Asbill, Engineering Department, Southwestern Institute of Science and Technology, New Mexico State University, said that he is currently studying the performance of the monitored photovoltaic system under different climatic conditions.

“We live in a hot and dry place, but the climate in Vermont is cold and wet. The third location is hot and wet,” Asbill pointed out.

Gabriela Cisneros, who is responsible for project management, said that the project is part of a research and development agreement between Sandia National Laboratories and First Solar, a large US solar company. In collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, SWTDI developed instruments to test the performance of these systems in three distinct environments. Locations are New Mexico, Vermont, and Florida.

"Understanding the performance of photovoltaic cells in different climates is conducive to the development and research of First Solar and Sandia National Laboratories." Cisneros claims.

Cisneros pointed out that this study has been attended by NMSU students. From the beginning to the end, these students are all involved, and they actually learn how to implement a project and gain valuable technical experience. (Translator: Krystal)


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