Online shopping smart locks are very convenient and very cheap, but the three big pit users must be vigilant!

For young people, online shopping is the most convenient and affordable way to shop. Therefore, when many users hang out in the online shop, they see what they like and put it in the shopping cart. When they pay the salary at the end of the month, they pay and emptied together, and this has become a way of life and habit.
Many merchants have officially seen these shopping habits of young people, and in order to cater to their consumer needs, they have created a number of shopping carnivals that are unique to China, such as "Double Eleven", "Double Twelve" and the upcoming "6". · 18 shopping carnivals and so on.
No matter what kind of shopping festival, they all have one thing in common, that is, low prices and discounts are the gimmicks to attract consumers. In the smart lock industry, many enterprises have launched smart locks as low as four or five hundred in various e-commerce platforms in order to satisfy the user's "good quality and low price" shopping demand, which has attracted many users.
The insiders are aware that a formal smart lock enterprise has a qualified home smart lock ex-factory price of at least 1,000 yuan, plus various propaganda, transportation, agent operating costs, etc., to the terminal market is at least 2,000 yuan. Therefore, the cost of four or five hundred companies is not enough. How can we make a qualified smart lock?
Many people think that since there are four or five hundred smart locks for sale, there is a reason for its existence, indicating that there is market demand in this regard. However, can smart locks below the average cost of the industry be used? The following user experience in Henan tells us that the smart lock industry really does not believe in good quality and low price.
Video source: Henan TV Station
From the above video, we can see that the user in Henan spent 498 yuan to buy the smart lock from the Internet. It took a few days to go wrong, and finally found no one after the sale.
In the same kind of problem, the user is not only the user of Henan, but after the user bought a seven or eight hundred smart locks on an e-commerce platform, there are always some unrecognizable fingerprints in the process of using. The problem, in the case of repeated negotiations with the manufacturers after the sale of fruitless, he had to give such a bad review when giving the evaluation of the business: when closing the door, the iron piece always fell down... This is funny, the merchant sells the problem Things that let consumers install.
Let's take a look at the netizen on the side. He bought a lock at a low price. Not only does the quality have problems, but the installer does not care for the service. So the door is not a hole, and the lock is not working. .
Therefore, many times, problems with smart locks are not necessarily quality problems, and may be caused by improper installation. There are many low-priced smart lock brands on the Internet. In fact, there are no installation and after-sales service teams. After the products are sold, the installers are temporarily contacted by the store. Temporary installation workers mean that the installation quality is not guaranteed, and the precision electronic components are not. Proficient, and difficult to do after-sales and maintenance.
Of course, it is not that all smart locks can't be purchased from the Internet. Just keep your eyes clean when you buy them, and don't jump into the store to dig the three pits:
First, smart locks below the industry average price level can not be bought, especially four or five hundred smart locks; Second, smart lock brands that do not know or have not heard of can not buy, it is best to go to major building materials city, home before buying Market research, or more information on the Internet; Third, the netizens can not sell more brands, the best comparison before buying, to see who has a good reputation.
Nowadays, from the middle of the year, the “Double Eleven Promotional Activities” are getting closer and closer, and many smart lock companies have spared no effort to attract customers with various low-cost and discounted promotion methods on major e-commerce platforms. But the Internet is always mixed with all kinds of fakes and inferior products, so that users can't prevent them.
Therefore, users who intend to purchase smart locks from the Internet must keep their eyes open. In addition to not jumping into the above three pits, it is best to use the official flagship store of famous brands, e-commerce own distribution channels, or have official Third-party online store purchase of the authorization.
At the same time, you can not only pay attention to the price when buying, but also pay attention to the brand's strength, reputation, quality, service, qualifications, buy a good lock, family security is guaranteed!

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