Will liquefied gas tanks explode really?

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Recently, the fire broke out and he rushed out of the fire scene with a liquefied gas tank that was ignited with flames. The netizen praised him for his bravery, but at the same time, he kneaded sweat for him: Will the liquefied gas tank on fire explode?

Liquefied gas tank fire is how is it?

From the point of view of Huangfu Jiangwu, he himself was very scared and worried about the explosion of liquefied gas tanks. In addition, the liquefied gas tanks were ignited with flames. Then why did the gas tanks of Huangfu Jiangwu hold fire? It is understood that the combustion is the process in which a certain substance reaches a certain temperature (called a burning point), undergoes a violent oxidation reaction with an oxidizer, and releases heat and light. In order to initiate combustion, combustibles, oxidizers, and ignitions are all indispensable. For example, when a lighter is used to light a piece of paper, the paper is combustible. The air is an oxidizer (strictly speaking, oxygen in the air), and the heat provided by the lighter heats the paper to its ignition point.

PetroChina experts analyzed that the reason why the liquefied gas tank of “Henghuoge” is burning is because the liquefied gas tank is pressurized and liquefied. After the valve is burned, the gas in the cylinder (liquefied gas, combustibles) is sprayed due to the high pressure. The outlet of the bottle is exposed to air (oxygen in the air is the oxidizer). When the source of the fire is heated to reach the ignition point, the three conditions for combustion are satisfied and a flame is formed.

How firefighters "explosion-proof"? The senior engineer of the provincial fire brigade said that as a fire brigade officer, holding a liquefied gas tank with flames is indeed very dangerous. At this time, some precautionary measures need to be taken. The comrade-in-arms comrades of the “Hold Brother” kept spraying the liquefied gas tanks. Water cooling is an "explosion-proof" measure.

How much of a blown liquefied gas tank may explode?

According to experts, the explosion is divided into chemical and physical explosions. A chemical explosion is an explosion that occurs because the material itself reacts chemically, generating a large amount of gas and high temperatures. The physical explosion is due to the external heating of the sealed container, so that the gas inside does not have enough space to expand, and the pressure becomes larger and breaks through the container. Although the result was a loud noise, the gas itself did not change.

"There is a danger of explosion, so he is a real hero." The senior engineer of the Provincial Fire Department said that when the liquefied gas is combined with oxygen in the air and the concentration reaches a certain ratio, it will explode in the presence of an open flame or high temperature. This is a chemical explosion. . At the same time, the flame of the liquefied gas tanks held by the “cockroaches” releases a huge amount of heat. This heat is transferred to the tanks. The temperature of the combustible gases in the tank is getting higher and higher, and the pressure is getting higher and higher. When it exceeds the tolerance limit of the tank metal, the liquefied gas tank will be broken by the gas and a physical explosion will occur.

Common sense delays:

Under what circumstances is the liquefied gas most likely to explode?

When the ratio of liquefied gas leaks to oxygen reaches a certain level, as long as a little heat is supplied (such as electric sparks at the time of light switch), combustion can occur rapidly and an explosion can occur. The flammable gas in the liquefied gas tank of the "Hold Brother" is because the oxygen content is too low to reach the explosion limit, so it will not explode. And if the liquefied gas tank has been leaking for a while, a large amount of flammable gas will accumulate in the room and it may explode when it encounters the flame. "When the ratio of liquefied gas to air in a relatively closed space is 1.5% to 9%, an open flame or static electricity can cause an explosion," the expert said.

How to safely use liquefied gas tanks?

Although the use of liquefied gas and natural gas brings convenience to our lives, once a gas leak occurs, this little action may turn on the light to cause an explosion. How can we use it safely in life? PetroChina professionals must always check the leaks and aging of the hoses and pressure relief valves. They can be wiped with soapy water in these places. If there is a bubbling phenomenon after opening the liquefied gas tanks, attention must be paid. It may be that a leak has occurred. Need to ask a professional to come to repair. At the same time, the use of liquefied gas tanks should be regularly tested at the testing station, and expired and untested can not be used. To use liquefied gas filled by regular manufacturers (bottle cylinders are branded with the name of the filling company), do not try to use low-cost adulterated gas. After daily use, be sure to check the closure of the liquefied gas tank valve. It is best to use a new generation of intelligent liquefied gas tanks with a higher safety factor.

What happens if there is a risk of leaks?

"The current liquefied gas has warning measures and will add odor to the gas." Senior engineer of the Fire Corps said that once a leak occurs, there will be odors in the air. At this time, lights must not be turned on because it is very likely that an electric spark will cause an explosion. The correct approach is to ensure that the safety of their own, first turn off the power main door to cut off the power, open the window to dilute the gas concentration in the room, and then turn off the gas valve. “This kind of behavior of 'Baohuge' can never be imitated. This requires very professional operation.” The engineer said that if ordinary citizens encounter a fire scene like “Hold Brother”, they must not imitate “Hold Brother”. The best way for ordinary citizens is to stay away from the scene and dial the “119” call.

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