Hardware door locks also have shelf life, door and window accessories are also very important

In home decoration, the door lock is the most inconspicuous but most important piece of hardware, but few people know that the seemingly indestructible door lock actually has a shelf life. Recently, when reporters visited the hardware lock market, many merchants told reporters that the purchase of door locks must choose large brands, quality products, and should be replaced after five or six years.

Advanced lock core is more burglarproof

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of locks. The annual sales of the lock industry exceeds 40 billion yuan and the production capacity exceeds 2 billion sets.

The reporter walked into the hardware lock area of ​​a store and saw the locks with the same appearance. Due to different materials and workmanship, the price ranged from a dozen yuan to several hundred yuan.

The reporter saw that the lock cylinders in the market are classified into A grade, B grade and super B grade. “Consumers can identify the quality of the lock cylinder by the number of marbles. Generally speaking, multi-row marble locks are superior to single-row marble locks, and multi-row stealth marble locks are superior to ordinary multi-row marble locks.” The person in charge of the company told the reporter that the cost of the B-class lock core is much higher than that of the A-class lock cylinder. Therefore, most of the lock brands launched in the market are A-class locks. "If the security door key has only one row of marbles, it is basically a Class A lock cylinder. If it is not safe enough, it can be replaced with a B-class or Super-B lock cylinder to improve the overall anti-theft performance of the security door." The person in charge said.

Material work is also very important

"In addition to the lock core, the quality of hardware accessories is also very important." A hardware sales staff told reporters that the material of the lock is generally aluminum alloy, stainless steel and copper, of which the strength and durability of aluminum alloy is the worst, copper Best, but the price is higher. “The same is a copper lock. The workmanship and quality of each brand are also very different. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish.” The salesperson said that the only way for consumers to buy “safe locks” is to compare them. The locks of the big brands are very fine, and the seams of the low-end locks will look rough. In addition, when the lock is turned on, the sound is mostly crisp. The low-end lock will appear loose when the key is inserted, and the sound is mostly dull when it is turned on.

Door locks must be "changed" every five years

"The average lock has a long service life, and the lock cylinder will naturally wear out. It is easy to be opened by a key with a similar tooth shape." A teacher who unlocked the key near the newspaper said that after five or six years of use, the ordinary door lock must be used. Replace the lock cylinder once.

Experts also believe that many residential security doors and door locks are purchased and installed by real estate developers, and most of them are not particularly good quality locks. “In the same community, the same type of door lock is used in large quantities. In theory, the probability of 'locking a few doors' will increase. Many new residents in the community report that they often go wrong. Open the door and find that it is not your own home." Experts believe that if the lock cylinder is not replaced for a long time, it will cause more serious safety hazards.

Global hardware network

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