Military Gas Mask Model and Performance Introduction

After the poisonous gas war that took place in World War I, gas masks were born, and each country reconfirmed the importance of gas masks in the military industry. With continuous research and development of technology, gas masks have greatly improved in terms of materials, anti-virus performance and convenience for wearing comfort.

The French ARFA gas mask is a new type of gas mask produced by the GIAT Group for the French Air Force. The mask is made of Polyurethane as a whole (including goggles) and is available in 4 different sizes. The ARFA gas mask is equipped with a call film and has better sound transmission performance; there is an anti-fogging system and a drinking water device; just below the filter cartridge mounting hole, both sides are exhaust gas discharge holes and drinking water holes. The filter box uses high-performance coconut charcoal as a new type of filter material. The screen has a wide visual field and the main material is soft and can be worn continuously for 24 hours.

The Italian SGE1000 gas mask is currently the most advanced military gas mask in the world. This mask is made of polycarbonate and coated with a silicone resin, which is more excellent in abrasion resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance. The biggest advantage of the SGE1000 gas mask is its high degree of containment and comfort. (An extended reading: How to Improve the Respiratory Mask Sealability) A pre-filter is added between the canister and the mask, so replacing the canister has a higher safety factor.

Swiss SM3 gas mask is a new type of anti-nuclear biochemical gas mask. The main body of this mask is made of butyl rubber and EPDM material, which is soft and comfortable to wear. The vent holes on the mask are designed at the chin so that they can be exhausted, drained and vomited. The NATO standard can be used to match any canister that meets the NATO standard interface and is more versatile. . In addition, the SM3 mask mask body weight is about 510 grams, the soldiers wear more light and flexible.

British FM12 gas mask This is a new generation of British gas mask, produced for the Avon Group, with two canister holes left and right, the central vent and voice diaphragm, drinking water system in the outer edge of the exhaust hole. The mask can be worn for 24 hours and has a long service life.

China FMJ05 military gas mask belongs to the state-owned No. 1989 Factory. It is a novel direct-type gas mask with a high quality natural rubber injection molding. The surface is frosted, the elastic band has good elasticity, and the lens is made of poly. Made of carbonate, it has an open field of vision, good optics, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. The FMJ05 military gas mask can provide effective protection for the respiratory organs, glasses, and facial skin of personnel in chemical, biological, and radioactive contaminations, and is used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, storage, and scientific research.

to sum up:

    As of 2014, foreign countries are mainly based on the fourth-generation military gas masks. Since the domestic plan for developing gas masks is relatively late relative to foreign countries, the overall performance of military gas masks in China has much room for improvement. Need to work hard.

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