Japan Develops New Technology to Produce Bioethanol from Straw with Low Cost and High Yield

Japan's Dacheng Construction Co., Ltd. said on the 30th that the company's technical staff has successfully developed a new technology that can use low-cost, high-yield straw to produce bioethanol.

According to the company’s technical personnel, the existing technology for producing bioethanol using rice straw not only has a high production cost but also generates more carbon dioxide, which is not conducive to environmental protection and promotion. Straw is rich in cellulose and starch, which can be decomposed and converted into sugar, and sugar fermentation can produce ethanol. However, under normal circumstances, starch in rice straw is hardly soluble in water. Therefore, the prior art mainly uses cellulose in rice straw to produce ethanol, and starch has not been effectively utilized.

The key to the new technology is to make the starch in the straw easier to decompose. The technician added a special alkaline solution to the straw material and confirmed that the starch was fully dissolved in the alkali solution. Then, the dissolved starch is then subjected to a different production process from that of cellulose to convert the starch into sugar.

At present, the company’s experimental production equipment has been able to produce 315 liters of ethanol with 1 ton of dry straw, which has increased production by more than 24% compared to the production of existing technology and equipment, and the cost has dropped to 70.7 yen per litre ( About 0.7 US dollars).

Bioethanol has become an important clean fuel in the United States, Brazil, and other countries. At present, however, bioethanol is basically produced from food crops such as corn, which often conflicts with food security and is not sustainable. The straw resources are very rich, and the price is low. The low-cost, clean and environmentally friendly production technology using raw materials as raw materials will have good prospects for development. (Reporter Le Shaoyan)

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