What are the best considerations when installing the toilet?

There are a lot of bathroom products in the bathroom, so when the bathroom is renovated, it is also very annoying for the installation order of the bathroom products. Today, Xiaobian mainly talks about when the toilet is best installed. Many families will install the toilet first when the bathroom products are installed, but when the decoration is finished, the toilet is no longer the original toilet, dirty. If it is installed later, it will affect the renovation of the entire bathroom due to its particularity. Below, let's take a look at what is the best installation of the toilet? What are the precautions?

When is the toilet installed?

Generally, the installation of sanitary ware and other sanitary wares is placed in the final process. After the ceiling and tiles of the bathroom are installed, the paint is painted. After the hard installation is completed, the toilet can be installed, so that the toilet cover can be kept. And the appearance of the ceramic body is not damaged. Generally, there are two kinds of schemes: 1. After the bathroom is finished, the tile can be installed after the ceiling is over. After the installation is completed, the cover plate can be wrapped with wrapping paper. 2, complete renovation completed, and then install when entering the furniture.

Toilet installation note

1. The receipt of the goods will be installed after the acceptance of the face:

The toilet should be subjected to strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, such as testing water, visual appearance, etc. Products that can be sold in the market are generally qualified products, but remember that no matter how big the brand is, it should be opened in front of the merchant. Check the goods in the box, check if there are obvious defects and bruises, and whether there is color difference in each part.

2. Check and adjust the ground level:

After you buy a toilet with the same wall-to-wall size and a sealed cushion, you can start the installation. Before the installation of the toilet, the sewage pipeline should be inspected thoroughly to see if there are any mud and sand, waste paper and other debris in the pipeline. At the same time, check whether the floor of the toilet installation is horizontal or not. If the ground is found to be uneven, the toilet should be installed. Level the ground. Saw the drain so that the drain is 2mm-5mm above the ground as far as possible.

3. Check the installation of the water tank fittings to check for leaks:

First check the tap water pipe and drain the pipe for 3-5 minutes to ensure the clean water pipe; then install the angle valve and connecting hose, then connect the hose to the installed water tank fitting inlet valve and connect the water source to check the water inlet. Whether the valve inlet water and sealing are normal, whether the installation position of the drain valve is flexible, whether there is jamming or leakage, and whether there is a leaking inlet valve filter device.

The toilet is considered a private sanitary ware. We must ensure that it is clean and hygienic during installation. Finally, it is best to install the toilet. This will ensure that the appearance of the toilet lid and the ceramic body is not damaged.

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