How to choose the expansion valve in the water-cooled chiller?

How to choose the expansion valve in the water-cooled chiller?
In the production process, the Sanchuan chiller uses the capillary as the throttling element in addition to the smaller chiller, and the other chillers adopt the throttling control method of the thermal expansion valve. Because the expansion valve can be automatically changed according to the temperature of the refrigerant at the outlet of the evaporator of the industrial chiller through the temperature sensing mechanism, the purpose of adjusting the liquid supply amount of the refrigerant is achieved.

The expansion valve is divided into two types: an internal balance type expansion valve and an external balance type expansion valve according to the diaphragm balance mode. As a throttling element for industrial chiller refrigeration systems, its selection is very important:
A. The selection is too large, the throttling pressure is large, and there are many liquids after throttling. It does not correspond to the evaporation area and the evaporation temperature, and too much liquid enters the evaporator, which easily causes the liquid hammer phenomenon of the compressor. Once the evaporation pressure and temperature are high, the load on the compressor is increased, the condensing pressure is high, and the cooling rate of the chiller is slow.
B. The selection is too small, the throttling pressure is low, the liquid entering the evaporator is too low, the liquid surface is low, the low pressure liquid is insufficient for the heat exchange quantity, the evaporation pressure and temperature are low, the refrigeration capacity is small, the steam superheat is large, and the compressor The operating temperature is high, the compression ratio (pressure difference) is large, and the condensation temperature is high.
If the resistance of the refrigerant flowing through the chiller evaporator is small, it is better to use an internal balance type thermal expansion valve; conversely, when the evaporator resistance is large, generally more than 0.03 MPa, an externally balanced thermal expansion valve should be used.

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