Lithium-ion battery assembly process

The process technology of lithium-ion batteries is very strict and complicated. Here are just a few of the main processes.

(1) Pulping

The powdered positive and negative active materials are mixed with a special solvent and a binder, and stirred at a high speed to form a slurry of positive and negative materials.

(2) Coating film

The prepared slurry was uniformly coated on the surface of the metal foil, and dried to prepare positive and negative electrode sheets, respectively.

(3) Assembly

According to the positive electrode sheet--separator--negative electrode sheet--the separator is placed in the order from top to bottom, and the battery core is wound up, and then the process of injecting the electrolyte and sealing is completed, that is, the assembly process of the battery is completed. Into the finished battery.

(4) Chemical formation

Charge and discharge the finished battery with a dedicated battery charge and discharge device, test each battery, and filter out the qualified finished battery, waiting for delivery.

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