What are the common animal-derived pesticides?

Animal-derived pesticides refer to pesticides developed from animal resources; the use of animal living organisms and their products to control agricultural pests is a biological control in the traditional sense; in a broad sense, it is called animal-derived pesticides.
Today, the Chinese pesticide network Xiaobian summarizes the common classification of animal-derived pesticides and the related knowledge of animal-derived pesticides.

The classification of animal-derived pesticides is classified according to their performance. Animal-derived pesticides can be divided into animal toxins, insect hormones, pheromones and natural enemies. Animal-derived pesticides are mainly divided into two categories: one is the activity directly cultivated by artificial breeding. The other is the use of metabolites of animal bodies or biologically active substances with special functions contained in the body.
Common animal pesticide common animal sources flufenoxuron pesticides, agricultural special dream, buprofezin, diflubenzuron, diflubenzuron, chlorfluazuron, bisultap, thiocyclam, monosultap, multi-dithiane, , tebufenozide, hexaflumuron, fluoroquinone urea, and the like.

Here, I believe that everyone understands what is animal-derived pesticides and which are common animal-derived pesticides and other animal-derived pesticides!

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