Shape-size graphene 3D printable battery

Shape-size graphene 3D printable battery

Recently, a company called Graphene 3D Lab released a video demonstrating their use of 3D printed batteries made of graphene materials. This battery can be made into any shape you want, and the power provided is equivalent to a AA battery.

Graphene 3D Lab is a company founded by the giant graphene industry, Lomiko Metals, and Graphene Laboratories. The company's work focuses on the development and production of graphene-based 3D printing materials.

According to the description of the battery technology in the video, the graphene material may exceed the conventional battery, and has a special design. The 3D printer can print the graphene battery to the medium-term of the object, and the shape and size of the battery design can be adjusted. .

It is reported that the company announced on the 2nd last month that it would submit a patent application for 3D printed graphene batteries to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In addition, graphene can be easily blended with thermoplastics used in FDM 3D printing technology. Daniel Stolyarov, co-founder and chief technology officer of the company, said that they hope to provide graphene-enhanced 3D printing materials to consumers by the end of this year. Currently, Graphene 3D Lab is designing the ratio of plastic and graphene to create a nanocomposite that can be used for 3D printing to manufacture a wide variety of products.

It can be predicted that if the 3D printed graphene battery is successful, it is of great significance to the entire industry.

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