Afternoon care center saves fire hazard

Afternoon care center saves fire hazard

In the past two years, various types of afternoon support centres in the Xingbin District of Laibin City have mushroomed around the campuses of various elementary schools. These lunch centres are concentrated in residents' houses, communities, and facades. They serve as “service slogans” such as quiet environment, food hygiene, price concessions, homework counseling, and so on, attracting many parents who are unable to pick up and go to school because of their busy work schedules. . Children can not eat well and rest well in the lunch center, which is a concern for many parents. However, apart from the problem of food and shelter, are there other hidden dangers in these lunch center? Is child safety guaranteed? Recently, the author visited the lunch center near several elementary schools in Xingbin District of Laibin City.

Afternoon care center hidden

According to the author’s visit, there are about 30 types of mid-care centers near Lai’s Zhenghe Primary School, of which more than 20 are facade houses, and some buildings have 4 mid-care centers. The author saw in a lunch center on the second floor that the window on the side of the street was blocked by a big billboard and the security door was not equipped with a security window. In the room of more than ten square meters, six wooden doubles were actually placed. The bed is low and the bed is less than 1 meter wide; in the middle is a kitchen and a dining room, and tables and chairs are placed in the dining room. The stairs from the second floor to the first floor are dark and narrow. In addition, floor fans, drinking fountains, microwave ovens and other appliances are placed at random, and no fire fighting facilities are found on the entire floor. In the event of a fire, the consequences would be disastrous.

It is understood that in order to make more money, many students are recruited. Most of the afternoon care centers can be described as "overcrowding." In less than 100 square meters of the house, up to more than 30 students were arranged. Many people have little space, live electrical appliances and combustible materials, and do not have fire-fighting facilities. Workers have not participated in firefighting training, which has caused fire hazards in these lunch center centers. Renting a house near a school and making a billboard is a "recruitment." This is the "process" for most of the afternoon lunch centers. It does not go to the relevant departments of education, industry and commerce, health, and fire protection for registration.

The Laibin City Public Security Fire Brigade has repeatedly organized supervision personnel to inspect the concentrated areas of the lunch center. However, because most of the lunch center does not have a relevant business license, the fire hazards discovered during the inspection can only be supervised and rectified. The supervision effect is not effective. obvious.

"Three no matter" afternoon child care safety insecure

Then, which of these departments was not registered for registration and did not handle the business license?

The author has called the Laibin City Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Education Bureau, and the staff all said that at present there are no relevant laws and regulations that govern the supervision of the lunch center. As to whether or not the lunch center can be operated near the school, the staff of the education department stated that the Education Bureau did not have the relevant authority to review and supervise the supervision; the staff of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce stated that at present, the business registration of the lunch center is only approved by the general self-employed.

Laibin City fire brigade fire division staff officer Mengjia said: "The operating area of ​​these mid-care center is mostly less than 100 square meters, not within the scope of fire supervision and supervision, and it is sometimes difficult to provide fire prevention supervision and inspection services for the lunch center."

As a result, the afternoon care center became a "three no matter" place. If there are any serious fire safety hidden troubles in the lunch center, children who lack the ability to escape their own lives will not be able to receive safety guarantees if they are misused due to improper use of electricity or electrical short-circuit.

“It was a frustration to send the children to the lunch center. I knew they had no cards (business licenses), but they took care of the children very well and things were not always perfect.” Mr. Wang’s children were in the first grade because of the job. Busy, unable to pick up and take care of children at noon, he sent the children to the lunch center. For the unlicensed operation of the lunch center, he expressed his understanding.

The introduction of a third party is a solution

The lunch center is operated without a license, and the relevant departments lack supervision and regulation by relevant laws and regulations, but market demand does exist. Therefore, how to regulate the noon care center and ensure the safety of children has become an urgent problem to be solved.

The author understands that in 2011, the government of the autonomous region jointly issued “Guiding Opinions on Regulating Midday Management of School Students at the Compulsory Education Stage in Our District” (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") in conjunction with various departments, and related the school's provision of on-campus lunch service. Provisions. The "Opinions" are detailed in terms of business conditions, business registration, hygiene permits, and fire safety.

The school set up a “public” lunch service, which is better developed in primary schools in many rural areas. In cities, it is still in the tug of war between schools and parents. Many schools do not have relevant conditions, such as the need to open midday services, hardware construction, service personnel management, and student management. The author has learned from the Binxing District Education Bureau and the Bureau of Industry and Commerce that at present, there is no school in Xingbin District that has applied for registration for the establishment of a noon care service.

According to Fan Yun, a staff member of Laibin City Fire Fighting Team Fire Prevention Department, there are indeed problems such as management difficulties during the school's “public” lunch break. Schools and education departments can learn from the university’s practice and introduce third-party service companies with relevant qualifications to start midday services in schools. In this way, the relevant departments can carry out food hygiene permit and fire safety supervision for the company's lunch center, which will ensure the safety of children in many aspects.

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