Wu Xuesong: Integrated development, differentiated competition

Whether it is industry competition or brand competition, there is a fundamental point, that is, product competition. Without a strong product quality, you can't achieve a great brand. Therefore, we have been paying attention to advanced equipment, advanced technology, product development and quality control for many years. At present, Huahe has established stable business relationships with many well-known European designers and firms. These designers and the company have a good understanding of European market, technology, technology, new materials, new crafts, styles. Therefore, our products designed by Huahe are also leading the world trend, which is also Huahe can and Japan. The top five real estate companies, Europe's Leroy Merlin, the important factors for cooperation.

In the future, Huahe Group will rely on the flagship advanced production line, covering Huahe Furniture, Huahe Wooden Door, Huahe Wardrobe, Milano Fashion Door, Huahe Wooden Window Sunshine Room, solid wood cabinets and other categories and businesses. With its mature product system and relying on production scale, equipment technology, product level, market price and integration advantages, Huahe has formed a differentiated core competitive advantage. It provides a one-stop solution for high-end whole wood homes. To meet the needs of China's high-end consumer groups for home-based service, the previous concept has comprehensively led the development trend of China's home building materials industry “whole wood home” and created the leader brand of China's whole wood home.

Functional Masterbatch is one general catagory for all masterbatches which prosses some special functions or performance, such as anti-static, anti-block, PP clarifying, rust-proof,  unclearating so on. Its carrier is special polymer, with funcational additives. The colorsare transparent or ivory. 

Functional Masterbatch

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