Promote environmentally friendly paper furniture designers to call for environmental awareness

On December 14th, nearly 100 pieces of paper furniture were displayed in a shop on the second floor of the south village of Sanlitun Village, Chaoyang District. Mr. Yin, one of the designers of paper furniture, said that all of these furniture are folded from pure cardboard, which mainly reflects the concept of environmental protection and hands-on participation.
In the store, you can see drawers, lockers, bookshelves and other furniture folded from cardboard. These furniture are angular, neatly arranged, and very light and easy to handle. Mr. Yin said that paper furniture bears a lot of weight, and the paper bookshelf can stand on an adult and reach a load of 50 to 70kg.
“It’s so interesting.” Ms. Zhang, who came here to visit, said that her son was only 2 years old and his head often accidentally hit wooden furniture. It is much safer to use paper furniture as his son’s toy box.

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