Label confusion, who is going to supervise the "furniture label"

A small label hanging on the product can clearly tell consumers the price, material, origin and date of manufacture. However, the reporter visited the Foshan furniture market and found that the furniture labels in the store are various, and the labels of the various stores and brands are different, either the labels are not clear or the items are not complete. Some consumers often fail to “be deceived” because they do not pay attention to the information marked by the label.

Furniture label causes dispute

Recently, Mr. Huang, who lives in the official kiln of Nanhai, reported to reporters that the problem of furniture labeling is now “entangled” with the merchants, and he is hoping to get back to justice. Originally on October 20 this year, he bought a set of solid wood furniture in the furniture market. Later, one of his relatives told him that it was not entirely solid wood furniture, and some were high-density boards. “When buying furniture, the label says solid wood furniture, and the salesperson also told me that this is made of solid wood.” Mr. Huang said that the word “solid wood” on the logo sheet is used to fool consumers. of?

The person in charge of this furniture brand told the reporter: "It is not our fault. This set of solid wood furniture is made of 70% solid wood and 30% of wood. According to national standards, it can be called solid wood furniture." The person in charge said, But not "all solid wood furniture", there is no standard error on the logo. A salesperson at the store told reporters that most of the furniture in their store is made of wood and wood. In fact, most of the current wood-panel furniture is used in the substrate, such as the surface of the table, drawers, side panels, etc., but these furniture can be called solid wood furniture.

Commodity labels are an important vehicle for consumers to understand the basics of a product. A complete label is enough for consumers to see the complete information, thus providing the basis for the final decision. If the consumer ignores the content identified on the label, on the one hand, it may be difficult to mark up some items, on the other hand, it is a mystery. It is the fact that individual merchants deliberately conceal the unwillingness to make consumers clear by blurring some items. In the face of the merchant's opportunistic tricks, Mr. Huang can only eat the "bitter fruit" himself.

Some stores are unclear

To this end, the reporter visited the Louvre Furniture Expo City, Shunlian Furniture North District, Dynasty furniture and other well-known brand stores, and found that most of the brand stores in these stores use furniture labels, but the label style used is not Uniform, the number of items marked on the label is also different. The main items on the label include product name, product number, size, grade, origin, material, etc., and the level of detail and description of the two important information of origin and material are different. Some furniture brand stores are very professional and detailed when describing materials, and some furniture brand stores are not standardized on the place of origin.

The label of the goods on the furniture wholesale market is more confusing. The reporter saw it in a furniture wholesale market. The label reads the solid wood furniture of eucalyptus, which was found to be solid wood veneer. The first-class products are marked on the label, but they cannot be confirmed by relevant institutions such as the national inspection center. The label says Italy, the country of origin, but refuses to produce a customs declaration or proof of the country of origin. There are more vague statements about filling out the solid wood framework, and some companies even fill in the name of the agent at the manufacturer. Many of these labels are randomly filled out by the manufacturers. Some sales personnel told reporters that the labels are not clearly defined or regulated.

Ms. Zou, a salesperson of Fashion Square Furniture, told the reporter: “The general furniture brand stores will have labels. On the one hand, it is convenient for consumers to understand the information of the products, such as price, material, place of production and production date; on the other hand, it is convenient for us to sell. The staff themselves can clearly introduce the product characteristics to consumers. As for the contents of the label, the reporter found that some furniture brand stores are free to fill out, and some furniture brand stores only outline individual items.

Consumers pay less attention to labels

In the North District of Shunlian Furniture City, the reporter interviewed more than a dozen consumers and found that most consumers buy the furniture, the labels are simply to look at the price marked above, many consumers think that only the label “Price” is useful information, and there is no notice that the label has material, origin and other information useful for purchasing furniture. Mr. Zhou, who is buying furniture, told reporters: “When buying furniture, I basically didn’t look at the furniture label. At most, I just looked at the price and never noticed other information on the label.” Even some consumers said that many times Look at the label, sometimes even the price is not seen from above, just ask the salesperson.

The reporter found that some consumers are aware of the importance of looking at the label. After all, the above information is very useful for purchasing goods. Ms. Zeng, who lives in Dali, Shunde District, said she bought a European-style sofa some time ago. The salesman did not say at the time that the sofa was imported from Italy, but he thought it was a sofa imported from Spain. When she got home, she found that the sofa was not the sofa she imported from Spain. She felt that she had been taken care of, and later she spent a lot of time to discuss it. "But when I went to the store to see it, I found that the label of the sofa clearly spelled the word 'Italy'. I felt particularly regretful at that time. If I look at the price tag, it will not be so much behind. problem."

Faced with a variety of labels, consumers are at risk of being deceived if they don't pay attention. This is because many consumers do not know enough about the relevant product labeling regulations of furniture, and they don’t pay enough attention to this detail. On the other hand, because consumers are lucky, they think that sales people will tell themselves truthfully, but they don’t know. When the salesperson is unfamiliar with his own goods, he will make a mistake.

Who is the label confusion?

Judging from the reporter's label survey on the store, many labels on the store have relatively clear signs on the material and origin of the furniture, including some of the most prone to future disputes, such as whether the sofa is full or half leather. The furniture is all solid wood or board wood combination, solid wood veneer, domestic or imported, and has a clear mark on the price tag. However, this information is not very detailed in other promotional materials of the merchants. There may be many misleading descriptions in the promotional materials. For example, many furniture promotes themselves as “European furniture” and “international furniture”, but the actual production The top is in China. Some furniture promotes itself as solid wood furniture, and the product looks like all solid wood, but it is actually a combination of wood and wood.

The reporter found that many of the furniture materials, origin information, if the consumer does not ask the sales staff, the sales staff may not mention or use misleading language to explain. Although not all labels are now very comprehensive and accurate, for some regular brand stores, the credibility of the label is still relatively high, and can be used as an important reference information for consumers to purchase. Consumer disregard for product labeling is also one of the reasons for the lack of market regulation.

Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that the national product label has national compulsory standards, and sales of furniture must be implemented. However, without inspection and treatment, it is difficult to implement, and there is a gap in the market. The label is not uniform except for the intensity of execution, and it depends largely on the mall. The rules of each furniture store and furniture brand store are different, but they all conform to the national regulations, which also leads to the label is not uniform. However, as a furniture manufacturer, it is true that the origin, materials and other items can reflect the integrity of a company.

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