Hong Guxuan Wu Chiyu: mahogany materials and product technology determine the value of mahogany

The internationally renowned furniture (Dongguan) exhibition, known as the “Important Engine of Houjie Economy”, kicked off today (September 5). The exhibition is the fourth largest furniture exhibition in the world. The exhibition is the 26th, with an exhibition area of ​​270,000 square meters and 936 exhibiting companies. This year's furniture exhibition, what new highlights will attract the attention of many inside and outside the industry? Send a joint report group from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong to report on the exhibition in all directions!
[Time] September 6, 2011 [Location] Dongguan Houjie Business Center [Guest] Hongguxuan General Manager Wu Chiyu [Reporter] Li Yangjing Hong Guxuan General Manager Wu Chiyu [Reporter]: Hello, Mr. Wu, thank you very much. Accepted interview, did your company participate in Dongguan furniture this time?
[Wu Chiyu]: We did not participate in the Dongguan Furniture Fair. We participated in the Guangzhou Classical Furniture Fair. I came here as a special guest to participate in the forum.
Redwood materials and product technology determine the value of mahogany [Reporter]: In recent years, the price of mahogany furniture has been rising all the time, because it has become a target for people to compete for investment. In your opinion, where do you think the real value of mahogany furniture is? Is material scarcity or artistic value, engraving value or something else?
[Wu Chiyu]: Why mahogany furniture is very popular among consumers, mainly due to two factors, one is the material of wood, one less tree is cut, and the period of growth of mahogany is relatively long, 100, 200 years. Even longer, such as Hainan huanghuali almost no, the price of Hainan huanghuali in a decade ago, consumers know that the price is ten years after the consumer also knows, such a comparison, than any stock appreciation Space speed is fast. Of course, we must choose mahogany furniture, we must choose the style of materials and products, including the craft of our products, this is very important.
After the eleventh, the red rosewood furniture may rise in price [Reporter]: In the past two days, a redwood furniture forum was held. The person in charge of the company said that the price of red rosewood increased by 170% compared with that of November last year. The price of the mahogany furniture is definitely rising. I wonder if you agree with this conclusion?
[Wu Chiyu]: Whether it has increased by 170%, I don't have a statistical bureau, but the price increase of red rosewood furniture has been positive since last year, but the price of red rosewood products has continued to grow after the eleventh. Because the price of wood raw materials has risen at the time of processing, it may take 11 after the terminal price rises, so I agree with this view.
[Reporter]: It is a favorite of many consumers in the Redwoods. But consumers are always worried about buying. How do you think about the development of the mahogany furniture market?
[Wu Chiyu]: Any industry has a positive side, and there may be a negative side. I will not comment here. However, there is no shoddy phenomenon for Hong Guxuan, because we are a famous brand in Guangdong Province and a famous brand in Guangdong Province. Obtaining a famous brand means a commitment to consumers and a good faith in society.
The mahogany furniture is not suitable for high, medium and low. [Reporter]: Everyone is discussing the hottest is the inheritance of PK innovation. Who do you think will become the mainstream of future development of mahogany furniture?
[Wu Chiyu]: I mentioned it in the forum just now. The mahogany furniture is not high, medium and low. It is just suitable for the unsuitable. The mainstream is suitable for China's noble or white-collar workers, or suitable for the Chinese people. What is your mainstream? We are to grasp the brand positioning of the market, for the new upstarts of China, what to do for the white-collar workers in China, the positioning of the brand is not the same.
[Reporter]: I am very grateful to President Wu for accepting our interview.

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