Resisting is not as fair as competition, and exploring a new model of balance of interests

Recently, a number of domestic media released news, saying that 19 home stores including Red Star Macalline and Real Home “signed the name of the vote” and “jointly boycotted the double eleven O2O plan (ie offline experience, online order) "At the same time, Tmall "forced by pressure", "mailed the merchants to stop O2O."
In this regard, when the parties accepted an interview with the South China Morning Post reporter, they all intended to "smooth" the smell of gunpowder. However, industry insiders commented that Tmall’s offline online experience has touched the fundamental interests of the store. It is a positive confrontation with a tit-for-tat. The store does not have a “sword finger” Tmall “Double Eleven”.
On November 5th, major domestic media reported furniture giants including Red Star Macalline, Real Home, Xiyingmen, and signed “Cannot let brand owners become experience places under the e-commerce line” and “No The store allows, not to use the trademark of the store to carry out propaganda, "not allowed to transfer the business of the store to another place through the e-commerce mobile POS machine" and other boycott agreements.
On the same day, the reporter contacted the Hongxing Meikailong headquarters in Shanghai. The relevant spokesperson said that the incident originated from the "China Furniture Association Marketing Committee's Opinions on Standardizing E-Commerce Work" issued by the China Furniture Association in late October (hereinafter referred to as " Opinions), Red Star Macalline signed this opinion with the other 18 stores in line with the principle of respecting the association's resolution.
From the 550-word "Opinions", the reporter did not see the words specifically for "Double Eleven", of which 260 words emphasized "actively support manufacturers and merchants to carry out e-commerce business", about 120 words are to guide the store "online" Under the realization of business misplacement."
The spokesperson said that the main purpose of the "Opinions" is not "boycott", but instead "encourage" and "regulate" competition online and offline. The most controversial "do not allow the business of the store to be transferred to other places through the e-commerce mobile POS machine", in fact, is from the perspective of merchants and consumers, because after the store is bypassed, the merchant can not obtain profits, the rights of consumers It is also impossible to obtain guarantees such as "first payment" in the store.
Nanning industry insiders believe that the income of the store comes from rent and commission, and the POS machine bypasses the store to pay the bill, and the store cannot get the commission. Therefore, the most injured is the store, not the merchants and consumers. This is an inevitable "self-defense war."
Tmall does not block online consumption at the same time. At the same time, the media also reported that after Tmall was boycotted, it stopped the "double eleven" O2O plan. The so-called "O2O plan" is to guide consumers, experience online, and place orders online. The reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of Tmall. The other party did not respond positively to the “stopping”, but stressed that “it doesn’t make sense to keep the cat outside, don’t keep consumers and the Internet trend out”.
On November 7th, the reporter logged into the home special of Tmall Double Eleven and found that there is still an “offline experience zone”. However, the brands that are common in the store are not listed. The ability to publicly provide offline experience is mostly developed by the Internet and then developed into offline brands. Their offline experience stores are generally not open in the store.
Recently, the reporter visited the stores in Fu'anju, Dajiahui and Chuncheng Home in Nanning. The relevant responsible persons denied participating in the boycott: "In their own stores, they will not post promotions of other physical stores. Similarly, there is no in the store." The information of the double eleven is normal.” A spokesperson for Fu Anju said that Fu Anju is targeting mid- to high-end consumers, and customers of online shopping furniture are still a minority. There is no threat to the O2O model. However, in recent years, e-commerce has been increasing in the home market. They do not want to follow the footsteps of the bookstore industry. They have gone through field visits and explored the combination of online and offline modes, so as not to fight back when they win the game. nothing.
Local merchants need balance of interests online and offline. For the "killing" of Tmall and the store, the brand merchants are sandwiched in the middle, and they are not very anxious to move closer to the O2O model.
The reason is that brands are differentiated by online and offline, and the models are balanced. For example, the style of Ximengbao mattress, online flagship store and Nanning store is only partially the same. In the same paragraph, the physical store in Nanning is several hundred yuan more expensive than the online one. However, due to the perfect after-sales service and timely delivery, it can also win a relatively stable consumer group.
Similarly, the Chihuashi functional sofa has achieved the same price on the line and the same line; different models, the line is economical, the line is the middle and high end, the materials used are different. Therefore, the offline experience and online ordering mode are not applicable to Chivas.
"The most afraid of O2O, I am afraid that those who do not integrate and distinguish between online and offline." An industry insider told Nanning Morning Post that those brand flagship stores are the easiest to become white-line offline experience places.
Consumers rational management and consumption, resisting useless, how do consumers view it? Many people said that if the price is reasonable and the service is good, they are still willing to go to the physical store to consume. For the brand products that are really outrageous, it is a last resort to buy online.
Mr. Liu, a citizen of Nanning, said that some building materials are too expensive. The mall’s export number says that boycotts are useless. Consumers will still sneak into physical stores to place orders, and place orders online. “I think the key is to store There is a reasonable price that reflects the added value of the store."
Mr. Lu, the owner of the renovation in the second half of this year, said that he has become accustomed to spending tens of thousands of dollars online every year. But in the past few days, I walked around in the physical store, personally experienced, chatting with the clerk, and that feeling was also very good. "As long as the clerk's introduction can talk about the heart, even if I know it is more expensive, I will still place an order. ".
The netizen "Snow Lotus" is also very rational. She said that consumers are actually looking forward to the future of the home industry model can enjoy the cheap price of the Internet, but also have physical store services.

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